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Have you ever tried shopping online? Isn’t it convenient to order something without actually seeing the product in person? And surprisingly, it gets delivered in a short period. The payment methods are also flexible and safe that we don’t bother to step out. But sometimes we return the product just because they don’t look great on you or don’t suit your room. But, what options do the shopaholics have? They have to keep trying and experimenting with multiple orders? Well, no more, pair e-commerce with augmented reality. 

What is augmented reality with e-commerce?

Augmented reality is a field of technology that indulges with your reality and makes it phenomenal. For example, one day, you decide to buy a piece of furniture but don’t know if it will be good with your aesthetics. Then what will you do? You will switch to the e-commerce website that sells products with augmented reality displays. It will help you project the furniture in your room and allows you to check if that is the one. 

What type of companies can have an e-commerce business with augmented reality?

Any company can pair their business with augmented reality on e-commerce. The store we visualize online have everything from biscuit to bikes. Everything is available online; therefore, be promoted on e-commerce websites. 

How can small enterprises run their business through e-commerce with augmented reality?

What is business? It’s an idea invested with money and power. So, why should small ideas be worried about not using AR technology? E-commerce all around the world works on graphical representation. And e-commerce with augmented reality is nothing but an immersive experience at a go. Let’s understand it with an example. A customer needs to buy a piece of jewellery; sold by a small enterprise. It is good quality material, but the customer is confused about whether that piece will look good on her or not. What augmented reality does is, helps you create a 3D model which the customer can visualize from all angles. They can wear it digitally like a filter on Instagram or Snapchat. It will promote the right mindset in the customer, and eventually, the product will be gone. 

Therefore, any business can hop on the journey of e-commerce with augmented reality.

It is so vibrant that the customer will surely come back. Technology has provided so many facilities to human beings we can explore all that available in the market and be extraordinary. Everything is about the business; you visit a website, it’s a business; you buy perfume, it’s a business, and almost everything is related to the transaction. Therefore, apt decisions will drastically change the way you deal with your users. 

Augmented reality is immersive and soothing technology. Add it to e-commerce websites to bring customers to your doorsteps. 

How can e-commerce be associated with augmented reality?

Creation is the easiest part of this blog. One doesn’t need a higher budget or costly equipment for developing augmented reality experiences. All that you need is good internet connectivity and a creative mind. Once you have the passion, visit . This platform will allow you to explore all the possibilities of creating content. 

Any business requires creative content and a tool that will justify the work. That tool is , a creator website of the PlugXR platform. It will allow you to create innovative designs. It is a code-free platform that enables everyone to develop creative content. It is a cost-effective platform that also saves time. 

Why should businesses hop on e-commerce with augmented reality?

Millions of ideas are generated every year with the hope to succeed in the market. But due to poor communication with the consumers, they fail and eventually shut down their business. But, this situation is changing with effective methods like e-commerce with augmented reality to overcome this barrier. Switch your business online and satisfy your customers with immersive experiences that will promote a healthy relationship.

Advantages of augmented reality for successful brand promotion in e-commerce business 
  1. All businesses, small or big, requires financial support. So, hurry up and jump to the cost-effective measures offered by good platforms like the get creative and user-friendly with a small investment that will not be a liability but will become an asset.
  2. If you don’t have a technical team and still want to be on top of the market, don’t worry, PlugXR platform got you covered. Start e-commerce with augmented reality without using a single line of code. PlugXR promotes the drag and drop techniques that allow any user to produce imaginative content with zero technical skills.
  3. If a user wants to create an app installed on smartphones, he can publish his work on the app with the PlugXR platform. There are no dependencies required. Just save and publish on App Store or Play Store.
  4. A user can share their creative experience without creating an app as well. They can share it by utilizing QR codes. These codes are sharable. A user should scan the code to view it on any platform. It will create a powerful impact on the users viewing your work.
  5. Every individual gets the same amount of time as we get. App creation takes around 4-5 months, making it a time-consuming process. Whereas, if you chose PlugXR, then the time is reduced to 5 mins.

Why the e-commerce website with augmented reality; is in trend?

Switching to augmented reality will be the best decision that any user will take. It can transform the perception of a business. It will not only promote your business but also helps to establish trust in the customers. 

For Furniture shopping: Choosing a piece of furniture will be like a game. Select different designs, colours, shapes and sizes according to the size and nature of the room.

For Vehicle shopping: Know the details of the engine, material, tyres and everything else that you need to. Augmented reality focuses on infographics and lets the user explore the possibilities.

Likewise, everything can be shifted to e-commerce websites as it is the safest and most affordable option. It also engages more customers and satisfies their needs. It never disappoints them and hence is the topmost priority in the market. So, switch to e-commerce with augmented reality. For more information, visit


The planet earth has witnessed many changes, from environmental to technical, but it’s time for some magical moments that will transform the imagination into reality. Augmented reality, a technology that is blooming through various techniques and codes, made it unique and attractive. Brands and companies all over the world are bringing AR into play. But what if your brand doesn’t have a technical team? What if no one knows to code? What is coding? Can AR content be created with a no-code platform?

What is Coding? Are there any no-code platforms?

Coding is, in simple terms, a process of utilizing a programming language to get your computer to behave in a way that you want. It helps to develop scripts to carry out a design for apps, websites and many more. Any augmented reality app would also need knowledge of coding. 

A few years back, augmented reality was not a concept that attracted the users so much as they had less knowledge and misconceptions about this technology.

With the introduction of Snapchat filters, Pokemon Go, and applications like these, it became a trend in the market. 

After a while, many gaming companies gained a lot of confidence with their products with augmented reality and attracted millions of users. But is augmented reality only for gamers?

Why do brands choose a no-code platform?

Augmented reality has established a unique position among brands and promoters. It has proved its significance in all sectors, from industry to education. Every industry now looks for infographics more than just simple posters. These various strategies help them gain audiences that were earlier bored of this mundane content.

As the number of users increases, the technology reshapes itself around the user, making it more adaptable and easy to use. One such feature is developing an app without coding. There are not many platforms that offer such brilliant functionality. 

Among the stars of companies offering no-code platforms, PlugXR is blooming like a moon. It has proved its potential by helping users across the globe. It has not only changed the way businesses are run but also how they promote. 

With or without a technical team, users were able to create mesmerizing content over the internet. They published their apps, experiences and shared them among their tribe. This made the no-code platform a unique and significant game-changer.


If your business requires augmented reality and you don’t know code, then what should be done?

Coding as mentioned is a complex task and requires technical support. But augmented reality can be accomplished with PlugXR without the need for coding. It’s a no-code platform and is easy to use. PlugXR, a company with the introduction of web AR, image tracking, surface tracking, and location tracking is emerging as the leading company in the field of augmented reality.

PlugXR offers a well organised and spontaneous interface to develop AR with a simple drag and drop feature and all you need is all your images, videos and files ready to be dropped into the website.

User can publish their work and experiences on their apps or the PlugXR app. It requires no dependencies and libraries. It is a simple process. With just a few clicks, a user can publish the apps in the AppStore or Play Store.

The most interesting and attractive part is coding. A user can create an immersive and imaginative experience and develop an app without having any kind of knowledge of coding. This feature helps the new business that owns the technical team and the old school businesses that have no command of computing languages. 

PlugXR is the best platform as it promotes businesses of all kinds. If you own a school and want students to learn better, be it in any field, one can create experiences to enhance the teaching aids. This will create a huge impact on students and will never escape from their memory.

Building an intelligent AR experience requires smart and up to date platforms to ensure great responsive and immersive app creation. 

Where can you find a no-code platform?

In 5-6 years, many small-scale businesses and startups have twirled the technology so much that applications find solutions to be developed. One such solution is the no-code platform. Unlike other features, this has become a crucial point in the life of any business. 

Most of the businesses run on promotion to reach out to a fair amount of audience. No wonder companies come up with such plans. Among the best company you see, they use technological support to attract the tribe.

Many such tribes have stayed loyal to the businesses because of the happy experience that they come across. And PlugXR has made 100% sure that those happy experiences were from them. PlugXR is not only a bountifulness of resources but also a caring and supportive company.

This is the platform where you can imagine your creative ideas taking a shape. Soon it will transform your imagination into a magnificent reality. When you ask where to find such a platform, were you not clear that PlugXR is the one?

With a free trial, the user will be able to experience what he is getting into. It’s an immersive world and that too with offers such as a no-code platform.


Advantages of using a no-code platform?

  1. The no-code platforms are so unique that companies save a lot in finance. A technical team costs a lot for a company with developers, coders and testers. With fewer pennies and more audiences, businesses grew drastically well. A no-code platform is,developing an app without using any single line of code. 
  2. While a lot of us talk about time, we sometimes regret wasting it. While coding can change the strategies for your business, the same can be achieved without coding. The time that coding takes to develop an app is more and hence requires a dedicated team. PlugXR no-coding platform started changing this trend a few years back and observed a significant change. The audience was able to connect better and saved their time in developing an app without code. 
  3. When a user finds every solution right in front of them, then why should they wander around. PlugXR cut down costs and time allowing users to complete the app development without learning to code.

Thanks to all these technologies, we can survive in the premium quality. So many changes have transformed the way we entertain our audience. So say goodbye to coding and develop an app with just a few clicks without using any code on PlugXR no-code platform.

For more information,

WebAR -apps

The advancement in technology helped pave the way for a faster and easier way to communicate. Apps were created and installed in the devices which lead to loss of storage space. But what if there was no need to install apps and the same experience could be enjoyed in the browser? Presenting WebAR apps that need no installation. 

Augmented reality has emerged as the leading-edge technology making its presence globally. It has changed the way we imagine our business and provided creative ideas for the same. Many apps were developed and installed for augmented reality. But now the time has come to modify and save some space in our devices. We at PlugXR introduce you to WebAR experiences. 

What are WebAR apps?

As commonly believed, WebAR is an augmented reality experience that can be accessed through common web browsers. It doesn’t require any app that has to be installed in the system. It allows the user to operate it from any device on any browser. WebAR works with simple animations using 3D models, images, videos, audio, and many more. The inescapable devices are our mobile phones. And hence this technology can also be accessed through it.

How WebAR apps work?

Technology is developing faster than ever and so is the need for us to get upgraded. Nearly everyone uses smartphones in this generation. AR technology has already crossed many minds and businesses are keen to introduce Web AR apps. But how does it work?

  1. WebAR experience can be enjoyed by simply opening the camera app of the device.
  2. Visit a site that offers the WebAR experience.
  3. Scan the QR code of the experience
  4. Enjoy the experience

The WebAR apps give a satisfying experience to its users and developers. It gives them the freedom to work from anywhere on the experience. 

App-based solutions require multiple downloads and version upgrades from time to time. It pushes the users away from the offer you have created. It is a simple yet effective way of showcasing your product.

Many clients turn to their digital marketer and often ask about the advantages of WebAR apps. It shows that most of the customers prefer quick processes rather than slower ones. WebAR is mostly about offering smart and quick ways of increasing the business. Hence it is preferable.

WebAR -apps

Advantages of WebAR apps:

  1. Web AR is taking the internet by storm. It takes the burden of installation and allows users to enjoy a hassle-free experience. It has attracted the brands completely towards itself. 
  2. WebAR apps require no installation saving extra space in your devices. It not only makes the task easy but also encourages multiple users to utilise it.
  3. It is a compatible choice for most browsers. As WebAR apps are accessed over the browser, it is supported by most of them. It allows multiple users interaction which in turn increases brand recognition.
  4. While loading an experience could be as easy as it looks but AR apps require employment. The deployment process takes but with WebAR apps the deployments are much faster. It doesn’t require plenty of employment time.
  5. It allows users to easily share the experience right over the internet. A simply URL can change the game. It makes the experience more valuable and sharable as well. However, with downloadable apps, it becomes difficult to convince the audience.
  6. Use it as it is. Many apps that we install require updates from time to time. It can be tiresome and in the process sometimes, users uninstall the apps. This can be a huge drawback for the creators. That’s why many businesses are switching to WebAR apps where a simple QR code does the job.

How to create a WebAR experience?

If you wish to create an experience on the browser then PlugXR is the go-to platform. PlugXR offers a huge variety of features for the creation of an experience. The development can be accomplished within minutes. This platform is easy to use and accessible on the browser. First, open the website, , and open Web AR apps. There are two options available: image and surface tracking. A user can choose any one of them. Image tracking requires a marker image. With few clicks, you will be able to generate an experience. This experience must be saved and published. After publishing the experience the QR code can be scanned and the experience can be enjoyed. 

The URL can be shared among other business users, friends, and family to share enjoyable moments.

The universe is filled with massive elements that interfere with your life. Similarly, there are few challenges with the Web AR app too. While the WebAR apps can be accessed on the majority of smartphones, the experience requires a decent internet speed to work well.

The browser caching cannot be benefited properly due to intensive experience comprising of 3D content and animations, resulting in lagging user experience. Not everyone knows the correct tools and techniques to develop the experience. 

Well, we provide you with the solution for that. Visit our website, to figure out the procedure. We provide you with a cost-effective platform with 14 days free trial. It will establish a strong base and enhance the quality of the experience that you want to create. This immersive technology is affordable and reliable for small o big business industries. It can be used for all the different kinds of industries. Education and health sectors use it more frequently than others. While many apps like Snapchat and Instagram offer huge customer interactions. WebAR is the new trend adopted by the tech industries.


With the increasing cases and lots of responsibility, schools and institutes have shifted education to clouds. Online education has taken away the baggage of schools and colleges. While students tend to get distracted by their surroundings, here is a way of learning. AR apps for education. Augmented reality is helping out educational institutes to cope with this pandemic. But before we begin let’s explore, how augmented reality can help online classes.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that brings imagination into the real world. AR app portraits 3D models, images, videos on to the real world. It doesn’t separate you from the real world like virtual reality, it brings the action to the real world. This can be achieved by using various devices which have pre-programmed AR apps or mobile devices by scanning the QR code. AR apps for education have recently come into the business. Many institutes have gone online and with AR, classes become more fun and interesting to deal with. the before action brings the action to the real world.

Why AR apps for education is essential for Online classes?

The education system is the top priority of every nation. Each time we share knowledge, we share our wisdom too. This educational system needs a more apt and fun way of teaching and learning, making it easier for kids to do better in life. With the developing technology, it becomes necessary to inculcate innovative ways of learning and gaining knowledge. 

Keeping this in mind and the Coronavirus situation, many institutes across the world have started taking online classes. Online classes help children to learn more. It takes less time and gives more impact. Online education is much more affordable. 

Students can learn better if they learn more practically and logically. Though education has become online, teaching with such facilities as 3D animations, videos, models, and many more makes it an excellent way of learning. The one way to achieve it is the AR apps for education.

According to studies, it is found that storytelling is the best way to teach. Children have become the masters of technology as they grow. To keep the session more engaging and interactive, educators need to understand AR technology. Augmented reality in online education eases out the process of engaging sessions with slideshows and different experiences. Educators across the world have started utilising useful Augmented Reality apps for education rather than sticking with a mundane education system. 


Most AR apps run on mobile phones/ smartphones which require no special type of equipment like a Holo lens or smart glasses. It makes the job easier for both teacher and student. This makes augmented reality more adaptive and effective at the same time. Students use a lot more of smartphones than textbooks. This brings more colours to technological aspects. One should find ways to steal this opportunity. Teachers can make use of online education while switching to Augmented Reality apps for education. 

AR technology has the potential to influence learning by incorporating effective teaching that supports the personalised goals of students. It is the most cost-effective solution to any online class as it involves more engagement and interaction among the students. It also promotes creativity and provokes imaginative thinking. Augmented Reality apps for education develops informative learning by making the environment more productive. 

How Online education is becoming more powerful with AR apps for education?

Online education is more effective and affordable. Unlike the usual times when the fees paid by parents are mostly for the infrastructure and the faculty. The prices of education must come down when infrastructure is eliminated. As we discuss the infrastructure, parents are more concerned if the education online is going to be just the lectures or will their children actually learn something. This brings us back to the technology and the importance of Augmented Reality apps in education. 

With effective visual representation, students are keener to learn about the subject. Inculcating these techniques in online education can boost up the knowledge retention process.

Professors need strong influencing techniques to teach students. AR in online education can be achieved with the PlugXR creator platform. This platform requires no code, no dependencies, less time, less cost and is user-friendly. With increasing finances, nobody wants to spend more than they have. 

Here is what all you need to create an AR app for education

A minimum budget with augmented reality might turn a small idea into big imaginative lessons. All you need is the power of channelising the thought in the right direction. Things you need for AR apps:

  1. An internet connection
  2. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets.
  3. AR apps (With the PlugXR platform)

How is PlugXR useful in the online classes with AR apps for education?

PlugXR as an augmented reality platform gives wings to your thoughts. It gives a meaningful and easy to understand platform to create 3D models, animations, videos for kids. It helps educators to develop imaginative experiences with augmented reality in education. 

One can start creating magic after fulfilling these requirements. Build AR apps for education by using the PlugXR platform. It is the one-stop platform for augmented reality, pushing all the boundaries of casual development which includes coding and dependencies with higher costs and low revenues. It might take more time than the PlugXR platform. Therefore, choose a smart and easy way of creating apps. PlugXR promises to generate apps within 5 mins. Experience creation involves lots of markers and their compatibility. 

PlugXR provides an asset library for smoother experience creation. Create meaningful sessions for the free-trial period to experience mesmerising augmented reality visuals online education. For an extended period, explore different plans that suit your budget. Log in to the website and create apps and experiences with innovative ideas. 

Help students understand certain methodologies with live sessions. Inculcate interactive sessions in online classes by creating colourful experiences. Scan the QR code while sharing your screen and there you go. A fun, creative, and easy way to teach students is to switch to AR apps for education. For more information, visit


The world is changing every minute or we can say every second. The increasing complexities need some simple yet effective solutions. Therefore, augmented reality steps in to tackle this problem. AR technology is one of the greatest innovations in the 21st century. It has changed the market drastically with unbelievable revenues. Leading brands tend to change their business strategies from just marketing to enabling Augmented Reality technology for the same. The gaps are being filled between the physical world and the digital world as Augmented Reality technology shoots up the business.

However, why should the industry acquire AR technology?

Augmented Reality is transforming the customer’s point of view as it brings more promising visual representation than ever before. Not only this, but it also kills the hesitation that a customer faces before buying a product. What looks complex and multifarious is simple and undemanding. AR technology is helping front-line workers to practice unknown techniques without the presence of a superior. Medical practitioners are utilizing Augmented Reality technology to master the human body anatomy. Augmented reality will proliferate stagnant businesses.

What industries can benefit from AR technology?

Instead of asking what industries can benefit from Augmented Reality technology, one should ask what can be lost if AR is not integrated into industries. The advancement of the digital world demands up-gradation of business strategies, and that’s why keeping up with the pace is vital for a successful business. There are ways and methods that businesses adopt for incorporating AR, but these categories almost help every industry. Let’s find out what the categories are.

Essential categories for any industry

  1. Training and education
  2. Design and prototype
  3. Marketing & sale
  4. Support & maintenance

Training and education

In the race of brand recognition, the foremost step is to train people. Training is the most essential step. Unfortunately, many industries skip it because of the high demand for trainers and educators. Hence, augmented reality technology bridges the gap between the two. It brings together the trainer and the trainee. AR has the power to superimpose digital information and graphics on the physical world, which helps new bees to learn and succeed. It eliminates the need for a person physically being present.

Design and prototype

The second crucial step is designing. We know that designing a project is the baby step to building an empire. Acing this step requires a huge amount of patience. While several attempts may not be the one, it almost squeezes the budget for all. This problem requires not a template on a paper solution. It needs an exceptionally real but superimposes design. This design is convertible if it’s not finalized, as it doesn’t require high dollars. It just demands augmented reality over high cost. It gives ease to the designer rather than rejection.

Marketing & sale

The third step that every business needs a command of, is marketing. A business can be established well, but to promote it and to be able to get revenue from it, is the next level of satisfaction. Many a time, marketing a brand becomes boring as customer no longer gets attracted to mundane marketing strategy. The new age looks for creativity in selling a product rather than the actual product. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to market the valuables correctly. The digital transformation brings 3D interactive models which escalate the business.

Support & maintenance

The fourth and last step is support & maintenance. While establishing a business needs super guidance and control, maintenance is the one we should focus on. Consider an example of an e-commerce company. Though selling a product is easy, but registering a complaint and work upon it is difficult. If the customer finds some flaws in the service then they might not visit again. Moreover, that’s the reason, one should always look back for the maintenance.


The four categories depict a lot about almost all industries. Now, we look at the different industries that can benefit from AR technology.

Automobile: When AR meets our journey!

Our mode of transportation is automobiles. We enjoy traveling because of the comfort. But how do we know what customers want? A simple 2D picture will not convey the idea behind selling that automobile. People often come for a test drive and then decide whether they want to invest in it or not. However, these practices can be replaced by on-spot 3D assistance. While it takes a plethora of people to explain every part of the vehicle, Augmented Reality technology makes it easy for the customer and the seller. It replaces an unlimited explanation with digital infographics. Augmented reality brings the customer closer to finally buying that automobile.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for Automobile Industry:

Education: When learning becomes a magical experience with AR

Students often miss out on important practice sessions due to the lack of equipment and professionals. Well, not anymore, with Augmented Reality technology a student can learn and explore everything. From difficult machines to simple experiments, everything can be mastered with augmented reality.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for Education Industry:

E-Commerce: When shopping turns out to be 3D

The big websites always try to sell products with just 2D images, however, customers search for something trustworthy. Just an image won’t sell that product. Therefore, customers should be attracted to powerful 3D animations and solid infographics. The presentation of a product matters more and helps to increase the sale by 70%.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for E-Commerce Industry:

Manufacturing: A practice for everyone with AR

The manufacturing industry is huge and complex. We see a lot of shift changes and people. Sometimes the new front-line workers need important assistance with the machines or usual workflows. However, due to the shortage of senior staff, their problem remains unattended. . The solution to this problem is augmented reality technology. You can see overlaid images and instructions that can guide you the way you want and a million times.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for Manufacturing Industry:

Many industries can take advantage of augmented reality technology. A film promotion can be fun with AR by portraying the trailers with augmented reality. Everything will appear in 3D format and leads to more creativity. Fans can get an on-spot experience of clicking pictures with their favorite character. This not only gives them extreme happiness but also promotes friendliness.

PlugXR as an augmented reality gives way to such businesses. It’s a platform for all industries creating an immersive impact on customer-driven businesses. 


Augmented reality companies have increased the scope of the future than ever before. From just imagination to reality, AR has created an impact on industries flowing from 3D image creation to visualization, to customization. Industries have invested huge amounts to deliver the best product to their customers using the augmented reality platform. In the race of investments and adoptions, various companies have emerged in the time. 

Trending Augmented Reality Companies 2021


ZapWorks is a company of power with image tracking, world tracking, and face tracking. Best-in-class content creation with 360° animation, video support, 3D support, dynamic lightning with instant publication for the mobile web. The introduction of Universal AR SDK for a variety of platforms and languages has open up Zapper’s best-in-class computer vision libraries including image, face, and instant world tracking. With broad support for both web and native mobile platforms, they are delivering awesome AR experiences to more end-users than ever before. Some of their fabulous works are the ZapWorks Studio and Universal AR SDK. The ar companies are taking creativity and storytelling to another level.


PlugXR is one of the new blooming ar companies with a ground-breaking reality. It has partnered with valuable companies to provide a platform where users develop apps for both IOS & android without coding dependencies. It is backed by a powerful 3D visualization experience with less than 5 mins of creation time with SDKs for all platforms. PlugXR is the most effective yet profitable platform for small to big businesses with its platform in more than 50 counties, 10,000+ customers, 15,000+ immersive experience, 50,000+ AR view, now is the best-ar company in the market. For amazing creations, click here:



Blipper is one of the leading ar companies out in the market. With 9+ years of experience in creating more than 18k AR experience. Its partnership with Kellogg’s has increased the AR engagement by 45% than television. It’s an image-tracking AR technology with an average time of 3 minutes 20 sec. Blipper has released Blippbuilder that allows easy drag and drop platform that helps in designing apps and WebAR. Blipper campaigns have driven 44.8% of awareness with 13.3% interactions with the AR technologies. It is being backed by users’ repeated visits of more than 4.3 times. The e-commerce brands have gained a technological advantage and made Blipper a successful ar company.


Roar AR is one of the ar companies with a platform to develop apps both on Android and IOS. A user can augment the reality with gamification, animations along with 3D, 2D models. Brands promote their products with features like accurate face tracking, image tracking, and object tracking. With more than 3 million scans and 38,239 Roar experiences, it has acquired more than 60,000 users over the years. From retail, education to machinery and real estate, Roar AR is a major content creator in the AR platform.

8th WALL

Arts & entertainment, banking & finance, games & toys, sports & fitness are some of the target industries of 8th Wall. A web-based company introducing cloud editing & hosting, without depending on any app. The 8th Wall Web AR has reached more than 2.9 billion interactions with a fantastic tracking and loading speed driving meaningful results. Gamification has been modified with the 8th Web AR making Jumanji the leading brand, breaking the wall between the physical & digital world.

Comparison between PlugXR and other Augmented Reality companies
AR TrackingZapworksRoar ARBlipper8th wallPlugXR
Image tracking – Web ARYesNoYesYesYes
Surface tracking – Web ARYesYesYesYesYes
Image tracking – Mobile ARYesYesYesNoYes
Offline AR App – SurfaceNoNoNoNoYes
Offline AR App – ImageNoNoNoNoYes
AR Cloud AnchorsNoNoNoNoYes
Why PlugXR is a comparably stronger Augmented Reality company?

PlugXR brings users to the actual process of developing an app or experience rather promising some unexpected targets. It has introduced an Offline AR app creation platform, which non of the platforms have offered yet. It is marked by strong SDK support, enabling easy access and license for various SDKs. With the onset of AR Cloud Anchors, which enables location-specific graphics for various commercial platforms, is a new feature launched by PlugXR.

There are a lot more in the market competing for technological recognition, but only a few proved out to best in the market of augmented reality companies.


Commercial support for Augmented Reality can be considered as very strong with big tech companies like Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft which are making very serious commitments. As many companies have realized the importance of AR and how useful it could be in advertising, marketing, and development departments, the demand for skilled coders has increased dramatically. A few forward-thinking companies have begun to use AR technology for their marketing campaigns that will target tech-savvy consumers. Augmented Reality blends real and virtual elements that will help to create an immersive unique experience. The potential applications of AR are never-ending. Augmented Reality has very strong signs of adoption. Many consumers have got a taste of AR with mobile AR and they have reacted positively to it. The future of Augmented Reality looks very promising where we can expect further advances. 

Types of Augmented Reality

There are two types of AR and there are different ways of creating the AR experience Those are:

Marker AR –

It will launch the AR experience when the camera is pointed to a certain marker image that has been pre-programmed. 

Markerless AR –

It is the opposite of Marker AR as the name suggests. It will launch an AR experience without any marker image. It will launch the experience as soon as the program runs. One of the most common examples of Marker less AR is Pokémon GO.


Future of Augmented Reality

For AR to become very useful, it is important to have a platform that could host a variety of apps as well as services. Once AR will find a fully featured platform then a vast number of consumers will become AR proficient. Every industry ranging from education, architecture, military training, retail, and sports will benefit by embracing AR. Many industries will be benefited from AR and to name a few are:

Education Resources –

Many researchers are finding new and unique ways to use AR in training and education. Industries like healthcare and the military are attempting to develop powerful AR training simulations.

eCommerce –

Many companies are planning to integrate AR into their mobile apps and websites. This will allow the people to try jackets, clothes, sunglasses, jewelry, and footwear with a camera in a person’s smartphone.

Geolocation –

With the evolution of new technologies, mobile devices can inform about the surroundings which have improved over time. AR could be beneficial for everything ranging from restaurant suggestions to travel advisories.

Digital Marketing –

AR technologies will play a very vital role to improve how customers interact with the brand. 

Future of AR by integrating it into our daily life

The applications which are based on augmented reality technology are very beneficial and useful in our daily life. It can be a great help to receive the information displayed instantly when visiting an archaeological zone or a museum by simply scanning them with the augmented reality device. It will allow you to read the background of any person by simply scanning them with your augmented reality device. It will help doctors to access the clinical records of the patients and practice surgeries with the help of augmented reality. This will be very useful to direct and execute surgical procedures more accurately. Augmented Reality can do wonders in supermarkets that will give you instant information about the products that you observe. This will showcase its expiration date, price, quality, and nutritional information when compared to other similar products.


PlugXR: Future of Augmented Reality

The prime focus of PlugXR is to make Augmented Reality affordable and available for everyone. It is a simple drag and drop cloud-based platform that will allow the content to integrate into AR without any coding knowledge. PlugXR provides a truly end to end AR solution that ranges from creating AR experiences with some advanced animations. It is bundled with many features that provide a cross SDK feature. This feature will simply allow shifting from one SDK to another without losing any data. Here is the list of few more features provided by PlugXR :

  1. Access the platform from anywhere and anytime over the internet as it is a cloud-based platform.
  2. This platform supports all types of assets.
  3. There is no need to install Unity3D, Android Studio, and XCODE to get Play Store and App Store ready files.
  4. Allows creating complex AR Experiences that include advanced interactions.
  5. Provides Advanced Reports and Analytics.
  6. It is a zero coding platform.

The next technological revolution is in its way and it is called Augmented Reality. Although Augmented Reality is in its initial years it is developing very fast. The future of Augmented Reality is very bright and we can expect an evolution of the AR concept with new use cases emerging in the market. AR has a great capability to live up to its promises and deliver amazing experiences.


In the past few years, there has been rapid growth in the interest for VR and AR technologies. AR has also arrived on the web, which gives an opportunity for designers to explore new areas for content creation. Augmented reality technology has always been mistaken to be a part of entertainment technology. But in reality, most of the industries opt for this technology. Top industries like eCommerce, Education, Healthcare,Real-estate, Architecture, etc. make use of AR technologies. Businesses always rely on technology to provide a personalized experience to customers which can be considered as a key to success. Emerging technology like Augmented Reality has completely changed the way in which we interact with the environment as well as different technology devices. There are many companies around the world that have started developing AR applications to offer an advanced user experience to the customers. To ease your work, here we have listed top AR tools that can help you build the required solution.

AR Tools to ease your work:

Interest levels in AR technology are gaining a boost and showing no signs of decline. There are many major tech companies that are working on this technology. Augmented Reality has also arrived on the web that has given new areas for content creation to the designers. Here are some of the best AR Tools:


PlugXR is a cloud-based drag and drops AR platform that is best suitable for all the brands, businesses, industries, and even normal users. It allows people to create their AR applications and experiences without any coding knowledge. It supports cross-platform development which is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. As it is a cloud-based platform, hence it can be easily managed anywhere from the internet. There are many advanced insights and analytics options provided for better understanding. This platform supports animations, images, calls to actions, and many other advanced features.


ROAR is a cloud-based SaaS platform that can help to create very interactive augmented reality experiences that can run on mobile devices. Roar is a web-based drag and drop platform that allows customers to add video, text, photo, animation, 3D model, etc. This platform is specifically designed for Retailers and Brands that allow them to manage and create AR at a scale. This platform provides advanced analytics about consumer engagement. It simplifies the process of creating augmented reality experiences.


Onirix allows you to host and manage AR content in an easy and quick way. It can be considered as a one-stop solution for creatives and creators. Anyone can create AR content using the Onirix studio and then publish their experiences through the app. There is a white labeling feature offered by it for campaigns as well as events. It is one of the best publishing tools WebAR, Social Media, and Print. The app is bundled with a growing number of AR experiences.


ViewAR is bundled with a variety of features and can be considered as one of the best AR tools. It includes features such as application development, 3D product visualization, drag, and drop object upload, etc. It is a very useful platform that helps to move around the virtual objects and also view them on the right scale. The software is very flexible and powerful to fit the requirements of the customers and provides a very mobile-friendly development base.


Tabular Comparison between different AR Tools:

PlugXR Roar Onirix ViewAR
Migration of SDK YES NO NO NO
Custom Animation Creation YES NO NO NO
.apk .ipa generation automatically YES NO NO NO

The above listed are the top performers in the field of AR Tools and each one of them comes with their own specialty and uniqueness. Augmented Reality is the most trending topic and different industries are investing in AR which is considered as the best option. Let us know in the comment section if we are missing any important AR tool.


Augmented Reality can be considered as the most promising and latest term in technology. There is hardly anyone without a smartphone, everybody has a mobile device that contains a display, GPS, microphone, camera, etc. These are the basic hardware requirements for AR. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality does not only rely on a headset and is well tested everywhere, from wearable to smartphones and even on projectors. Augmented Reality devices are available in different forms and have the biggest potential for mass consumption. 

Types of Augmented Reality Devices

Augmented Reality devices are broadly distinguished into four types as:

  1. Heads up displays (HUDs)
  2. Holographic displays
  3. Smart glasses
  4. Smartphone/ Handheld based

Head-up displays (HUD)

A regular HUD contains three different components like a viewing glass (combiner), a computer (symbol generator), and a projector unit.HUDs are also finding different ways into new automobile designs. Head up displays were invented for critical applications like weapons system dashboards and flight controllers. The information is displayed on the transparent screens which are mounted in front of the pilot.

Holographic displays

One of the greatest advantages of holographic displays is that it does not require users to wear any type of gear in order to view them. This type of display has gained a lot of importance with products like Holovect and Looking Glass. This type of display makes use of light diffraction that will generate 3D objects in real space.

Smart glasses

Smart glasses have truly become one of the most popular types of AR devices. It makes use of glasses that can augment the vision. Smart glasses are of two types: Optical see-through and Video see-through. In Optical see-through glasses, users can view reality directly through optical elements. Whereas in Video see-through glasses, the user views the reality that is captured firstly by one or two cameras that are mounted on the display.

Smartphone/ Handheld based 

The rise of handheld AR is gaining lots of importance and can be considered as the tipping point for the technology. All you need to have is a smartphone to host different AR experiences.


Augmented Reality Devices

One of the best things about Augmented Reality is that it does not require any particular hardware that can make use of tablets, phones, and computers. Here we have listed some of the AR devices that have the capability that can change the future:

Google Glass

Google Glass is bundled with many key features like capturing images or video recording without even notifying the people. With features like customizing glass and Google’s Artificial Intelligence, it can be considered as the perfect fit for entrepreneurs, mechanics, and doctors. It is a great help to them for making things more efficient and productive.

Microsoft Hololens 2

Hololens 2 was developed by Microsoft and can be considered as the closest glass to a perfect AR device. It has a great resolution that is capable of integrating 3D objects in a better way when compared to other AR devices. It also keeps track of hand movement and eye so that the interaction is natural with the virtual world. 

Epson Moverio

Moverio glasses are adjustable and versatile as per the requirement of the users. It provides users with very high quality, sharp, and bright images. These smart glasses run on Android 5.1 and are powered by Intel Axom 5 processor. This makes it very simple and easy for developers to develop AR apps. The users can have hands-on free-flying experiences that can give crucial information to navigate the skies.

Magic Leap One

It is a futuristic and modern looking AR headset that is powered by a small computer which is known as ‘Lightpack’. It can be easily attached to the pocket or belt that can bring online life into the physical world. It has the capability of projection of the solar system into the classroom. It works with a controller that makes use of a touchpad and a big button.


Augmented Reality is a game-changing technology that is very beneficial to different industries like healthcare, education, retail, real estate, etc. PlugXR is an easy drag and drops the cloud-based platform that supports the call to actions, animations, images, and other advanced features. It will help to enhance the augmented reality experience without relying on developers. The above listed ar devices have a great power to take the AR world by storm. It is very reasonable to say that the coming years will be a big year for augmented reality devices.


One of the most common ways to experience Augmented reality is through smartphones. WebAR or app less augmented reality has gained so much importance in the real world. Web-based AR has a great potential to showcase business or brand in a modern and engaging way. Web AR describes the provision of augmented reality experiences with the help of mobile web browsers. It is considered as a game-changer in which the users can easily access AR as they access a website today. It is now possible to utilize AR using browsers that allow us to deliver and activate the experiences directly through smartphone technology. People have started looking into Web AR seriously which has a great potential for an experimental design that can fascinate the users. It can be considered as a fascinating development that brings AR experience to smartphone users. 

What is WebAR?

WebAR is the augmented reality experience that can be easily accessed through a web browser rather than installing any app. All you need to use Web AR is an internet connection and smartphone or tablet. There is no need to download an app onto your smartphone. Here are some advantages of using WebAR:

  1. Requires very less memory as there is no need to download any app
  2. Can work smoothly on any browser
  3. Less cost with fast deployment time
  4. Simple and easy to implement cross-platform

You need to open the link and launch the camera of your smartphone. And your browser will overlay the content immediately as it would appear through an app or become an AR scanner. With proper design, one will be able to create an amazing campaign, as you would by using the same traditional app-based approach.


Reasons Why Brands will prefer WebAR Marketing

Try before actually Buying

Augmented reality is one of the growing trends in the retail industry.WebAR allows potential customers to try different products before making any purchase. It can be clothes or shoes or even test driving a car. Besides increasing sales and engagement, it avoids the need to stock a very vast range of inventory. This will not only save space but also become more sustainable. The application of Web AR in the retail industry is growing rapidly as there are many brands utilizing augmented reality.

Direct communication with the customers

Brands are able to communicate with the users directly through their smartphones with the power of Web AR marketing. Customers can easily visualize the product and get clear brand messages through interactive Web AR services. It will also help to access other information about the pricing and features of the product. Web AR helps to place the product in the real world and also view it from different angles for a better understanding. It will leave a good impression on the users that will help to remember the brand and its products.

Creating a buzz

Brands are opting to use augmented reality for their marketing and sales strategies. It can be considered as the best way to enhance and build the brand. Web AR is a very effective way of increasing brand awareness by telling the brand’s story. This can result in creating a buzz around the brand that will help the brands to stand out in the crowd. 

For branding materials

Direct Mail can still be considered as an effective marketing strategy. You can add Web AR to it which has a great potential to improve your results with another dimension. One can add Web AR to branding materials like business cards and direct mail campaigns that will take your brand to the next level. It will help to create a content-rich experience and add different exclusive offers when the user opens an augmented reality experience through their smartphone. 

There is no need to download the app when you opt for PlugXR Web AR which is mostly browser dependent. It is developed with the help of HTML and other programming languages. QR code can be used to display the text to the users to open the particular URL. For Android and iOS devices, the QR scanner is inbuilt with the devices. There are simple steps involved to create PlugXR WebAR . All you need to do is:


Create → Share → QR Code / URL → Scan → 3D Model → Click AR → Surface Tracking → Fully Interactive AR

WebAR technology requires fewer costs and faster deployment times. It can be used for all kinds of purposes ranging from educational or commercial purposes that open up a lot of opportunities. Web AR provides an amazing opportunity for creative people to bring together exciting and new immersive experiences. Contact us if you want to learn how Web AR will be beneficial for your product.