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Augmented Reality can be considered as the most promising and latest term in technology. There is hardly anyone without a smartphone, everybody has a mobile device that contains a display, GPS, microphone, camera, etc. These are the basic hardware requirements for AR. Unlike Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality does not only rely on a headset and is well tested everywhere, from wearable to smartphones and even on projectors. Augmented Reality devices are available in different forms and have the biggest potential for mass consumption. 

Types of Augmented Reality Devices

Augmented Reality devices are broadly distinguished into four types as:

  1. Heads up displays (HUDs)
  2. Holographic displays
  3. Smart glasses
  4. Smartphone/ Handheld based

Head-up displays (HUD)

A regular HUD contains three different components like a viewing glass (combiner), a computer (symbol generator), and a projector unit.HUDs are also finding different ways into new automobile designs. Head up displays were invented for critical applications like weapons system dashboards and flight controllers. The information is displayed on the transparent screens which are mounted in front of the pilot.

Holographic displays

One of the greatest advantages of holographic displays is that it does not require users to wear any type of gear in order to view them. This type of display has gained a lot of importance with products like Holovect and Looking Glass. This type of display makes use of light diffraction that will generate 3D objects in real space.

Smart glasses

Smart glasses have truly become one of the most popular types of AR devices. It makes use of glasses that can augment the vision. Smart glasses are of two types: Optical see-through and Video see-through. In Optical see-through glasses, users can view reality directly through optical elements. Whereas in Video see-through glasses, the user views the reality that is captured firstly by one or two cameras that are mounted on the display.

Smartphone/ Handheld based 

The rise of handheld AR is gaining lots of importance and can be considered as the tipping point for the technology. All you need to have is a smartphone to host different AR experiences.


Augmented Reality Devices

One of the best things about Augmented Reality is that it does not require any particular hardware that can make use of tablets, phones, and computers. Here we have listed some of the AR devices that have the capability that can change the future:

Google Glass

Google Glass is bundled with many key features like capturing images or video recording without even notifying the people. With features like customizing glass and Google’s Artificial Intelligence, it can be considered as the perfect fit for entrepreneurs, mechanics, and doctors. It is a great help to them for making things more efficient and productive.

Microsoft Hololens 2

Hololens 2 was developed by Microsoft and can be considered as the closest glass to a perfect AR device. It has a great resolution that is capable of integrating 3D objects in a better way when compared to other AR devices. It also keeps track of hand movement and eye so that the interaction is natural with the virtual world. 

Epson Moverio

Moverio glasses are adjustable and versatile as per the requirement of the users. It provides users with very high quality, sharp, and bright images. These smart glasses run on Android 5.1 and are powered by Intel Axom 5 processor. This makes it very simple and easy for developers to develop AR apps. The users can have hands-on free-flying experiences that can give crucial information to navigate the skies.

Magic Leap One

It is a futuristic and modern looking AR headset that is powered by a small computer which is known as ‘Lightpack’. It can be easily attached to the pocket or belt that can bring online life into the physical world. It has the capability of projection of the solar system into the classroom. It works with a controller that makes use of a touchpad and a big button.


Augmented Reality is a game-changing technology that is very beneficial to different industries like healthcare, education, retail, real estate, etc. PlugXR is an easy drag and drops the cloud-based platform that supports the call to actions, animations, images, and other advanced features. It will help to enhance the augmented reality experience without relying on developers. The above listed ar devices have a great power to take the AR world by storm. It is very reasonable to say that the coming years will be a big year for augmented reality devices.


One of the most common ways to experience Augmented reality is through smartphones. WebAR or app less augmented reality has gained so much importance in the real world. Web-based AR has a great potential to showcase business or brand in a modern and engaging way. Web AR describes the provision of augmented reality experiences with the help of mobile web browsers. It is considered as a game-changer in which the users can easily access AR as they access a website today. It is now possible to utilize AR using browsers that allow us to deliver and activate the experiences directly through smartphone technology. People have started looking into Web AR seriously which has a great potential for an experimental design that can fascinate the users. It can be considered as a fascinating development that brings AR experience to smartphone users. 

What is WebAR?

WebAR is the augmented reality experience that can be easily accessed through a web browser rather than installing any app. All you need to use Web AR is an internet connection and smartphone or tablet. There is no need to download an app onto your smartphone. Here are some advantages of using WebAR:

  1. Requires very less memory as there is no need to download any app
  2. Can work smoothly on any browser
  3. Less cost with fast deployment time
  4. Simple and easy to implement cross-platform

You need to open the link and launch the camera of your smartphone. And your browser will overlay the content immediately as it would appear through an app or become an AR scanner. With proper design, one will be able to create an amazing campaign, as you would by using the same traditional app-based approach.


Reasons Why Brands will prefer WebAR Marketing

Try before actually Buying

Augmented reality is one of the growing trends in the retail industry.WebAR allows potential customers to try different products before making any purchase. It can be clothes or shoes or even test driving a car. Besides increasing sales and engagement, it avoids the need to stock a very vast range of inventory. This will not only save space but also become more sustainable. The application of Web AR in the retail industry is growing rapidly as there are many brands utilizing augmented reality.

Direct communication with the customers

Brands are able to communicate with the users directly through their smartphones with the power of Web AR marketing. Customers can easily visualize the product and get clear brand messages through interactive Web AR services. It will also help to access other information about the pricing and features of the product. Web AR helps to place the product in the real world and also view it from different angles for a better understanding. It will leave a good impression on the users that will help to remember the brand and its products.

Creating a buzz

Brands are opting to use augmented reality for their marketing and sales strategies. It can be considered as the best way to enhance and build the brand. Web AR is a very effective way of increasing brand awareness by telling the brand’s story. This can result in creating a buzz around the brand that will help the brands to stand out in the crowd. 

For branding materials

Direct Mail can still be considered as an effective marketing strategy. You can add Web AR to it which has a great potential to improve your results with another dimension. One can add Web AR to branding materials like business cards and direct mail campaigns that will take your brand to the next level. It will help to create a content-rich experience and add different exclusive offers when the user opens an augmented reality experience through their smartphone. 

There is no need to download the app when you opt for PlugXR Web AR which is mostly browser dependent. It is developed with the help of HTML and other programming languages. QR code can be used to display the text to the users to open the particular URL. For Android and iOS devices, the QR scanner is inbuilt with the devices. There are simple steps involved to create PlugXR WebAR . All you need to do is:


Create → Share → QR Code / URL → Scan → 3D Model → Click AR → Surface Tracking → Fully Interactive AR

WebAR technology requires fewer costs and faster deployment times. It can be used for all kinds of purposes ranging from educational or commercial purposes that open up a lot of opportunities. Web AR provides an amazing opportunity for creative people to bring together exciting and new immersive experiences. Contact us if you want to learn how Web AR will be beneficial for your product.


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality brought very powerful impressions on the world over the last couple of years. These technologies have caught the attention of many businesses and brands. They have a significant effect on many of the industries which have continued to increase in popularity. Augmented and Virtual Reality has been around for more than 30 years. These immersive technologies can overlay computer graphics onto the actual environment (Augmented Reality) and explore computer-generated environments (in Virtual Reality). Users can get a real-time experience of how to use a product, instead of simply showcasing the product brochure. AR and VR are used in many contexts and sectors from manufacturers to consumer applications. The AR and VR technology is used across various industries ranging from healthcare to education, sales, and tourism. Most of the exhibition stand designs and trade shows are amplified using the AR and VR technology. 

Below we have listed Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality trends to watch out for 2020.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Trends


Opting for AI in AR/ VR Space

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality developers have opted for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning while developing many of their apps. One of the best examples of integrations of AR and AI is the machine learning-enabled microscope. It can easily highlight and detect the growth of cancerous tumors while a pathologist examines the samples through a viewfinder. It is predicted that both these technologies can be considered as the biggest trend in the future of learning and education. 

Use of AR in teaching and training

AR and VR provide excellent virtual training and teaching environments for students. These immersive technologies provide the best learning experience for the students. This environment will help the students to practice in whatever field they are interested in ranging from construction to surgery without any risks. It is believed that both these technologies are the future of learning and the next big trend in education. It is possible to send information to students in real-time with the help of these technologies.

Gearing up the vehicles with AR/ VR technologies

Including AR in automobiles and vehicles has great potential for enhancing safety. AR/ VR technologies in vehicles provide the driver with very crucial information. It also improves the car’s safety by providing real-time feedback to the rider that will improve the driver’s convenience and comfort. Many automobile manufacturers have shown a keen interest in AI-based technologies as AR redefines how people travel and move.

Consumer Entertainment

Both AR and VR technologies are becoming much more accessible for consumer entertainment. It is expected that they will see much more success in the coming months. The adoption of VR in homes is taking place on a vast scale due to the evolution of headsets. There are many hardware development companies and developers that are focusing on creating the perfect apps. This is a trend that tends to improve drastically over the coming years.

Travel and Tourism

Virtual Reality has a great impact on the travel and tourism industry. This is possible as many users can visit the places without any need to leave the comfort of their own home. This will allow users to have a better understanding of a particular region without investing in hotel rooms or tickets. This is one of the greatest advantages of travelers where they can experience everything virtually before actually visiting it. There are also many VR apps available that will allow travelers to re-experience the holidays after they have returned to their homes.

Boon to healthcare

Augmented reality and virtual reality have the great potential to transform the healthcare industry by fulfilling different purposes independently. These technologies will help them with higher productivity, efficiency, and help them to relish different use cases at the same time. To achieve this goal, different healthcare organizations will have to establish XR platforms as medical devices. Both these technologies have a great potential to completely revolutionize healthcare that will leave an everlasting mark in the industry.

PlugXR can be the best choice for Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Solution


PlugXR offers a simple drag and drop interface that allows you to integrate your content into AR. It has made Augmented Reality affordable for everyone which does not require any coding knowledge. Augmented reality and Virtual reality can be considered as the transformative technologies which will become better in transforming the lives for the better. Right from influencing the manufacturing sector, education sector, healthcare sector, etc. these technologies will change the way people thrive and live. PlugXR is here to transform different sectors of industries that will enhance the user experience. Sign up for the PlugXR free trial today!


Augmented Reality can be considered as one of the hottest trends in the technology world. Brands are always looking for new ways to connect with the audiences. They realized the need to incorporate Augmented Reality into their branding, marketing, and advertising solutions. Augmented Reality is an ideal tool to implement viral advertising campaigns. It will help to build an emotional connection for the customers and brands through personalization and interactivity. The marketing strategy of any company is not aimed for a one-time purchase, but it aims at building a long term relationship with the customers. Therefore, it is very important to pay attention to augmented reality uses in advertising. Augmented Reality advertising enhances the customer experience for retailers that boost the level of interaction and engagement with the targeted audiences. AR advertising is realistic and makes users feel like they are playing an engaging video game. This increases brand awareness, that builds an emotional connection that encourages customers to make purchases.

What is Augmented Reality Advertising?

AR Advertising requires a mobile application that makes use of smartphone or tablet cameras to augment the real-world environment with specific content. To access the augmented reality content, consumers have to install AR applications on their mobile devices. The AR application is entertaining and useful to convince consumers to install it. Mobile platforms are one of the most popular ways of distribution for ar advertising. Instagram and Facebook together are testing built-in AR advertising. AR ads will appear on the user’s newsfeed along with traditional advertising. Large screen AR ads are broadcasted on the screens in crowded places that bring people from their everyday life to unusual environments. For eg: Shopping centers or public transport stops.


Advantages of Augmented Reality Advertising

Here are the ways advertisers and marketers can take advantage of the augmented reality advertising Platform.

Advertising is Fun and affordable –

AR Advertising is very popular and moderate when compared to print advertisements. The cost involved in AR promotion video varies depending upon its quality. Despite Digital advertising gaining lots of importance, conventional print advertisements are also not out of date. 

Customer’s Attention –

One of the most efficient ways to grab the attention of your customers is through an effective marketing strategy. Companies and brands need to find some innovative ways to establish trust and gain brand visibility. AR advertising provides a very unique opportunity to connect with customers. Instead of watching a video or viewing a static ad, people can directly interact with the brands. 

Making use of Geolocalization –

Digital advertisements always make use of some of the advanced machine learning algorithms. These algorithms can help to examine user interests and behavior so that proper services are offered to the customers. Augmented reality advertisements based on geolocation can easily indicate objects on the cell phone’s screen.

Establishing an Emotional connection –

Augmented reality advertisements are very useful to create an emotional connection with the customers. Just like banners and images, AR ads are very interactive that can help the users to interact with the brand. Users feel that they are playing a very engaging video game while interacting with the AR ads. This builds a very emotional connection with the customers that will help them to make purchases.

Improves Sales –

Augmented Reality offers different ways for promoters as well as advertisers to expand their sales. Giving your customers access and allowing them to interact and try different products before actually making a purchase will surely impact the sales figures. Augmented Reality advertisements can allow users to get more information about the availability, products, and pricing.


3 Main components of Augmented Reality advertising that hinders people to adopt it

AR App Design –

AR App design includes the creation of user experience (UX) and user interface (UI). 

AR App Development –

AR App Development contains front end and back end development. Many companies divide the AR development process into different iterations.

AR application Testing –

It is very important to realize that without proper testing even the best ideas can fail. 

Role of PlugXR in Augmented Reality Advertising

There is a high cost involved in any AR App development process. The augmented reality app development cost is not affordable for medium and small businesses. The best solution to all these problems is PlugXR .

PlugXR is an easy drag and drops a cloud-based platform that allows you to integrate your content into AR. There is no coding knowledge required for this and can significantly revolutionize Advertising. It can leave an everlasting mark in the advertising industry. If you want to promote your brand using augmented reality then PlugXR is definitely for you.


If the stats are to be believed, 63% of the retail brands are planning to use Augmented Reality in the next 2 years. Over the last few years, Augmented Reality has reached the peak of popularity. A manufacturing firm is always responsible to have a workplace that is free of any safety concerns and health risks. There are times when the employees are at a higher risk of some safety hazards. Things are about to change as augmented reality is on the rise. Augmented Reality is playing a vital role in transforming the assembly and manufacturing processes of the companies across the globe. Augmented Reality in manufacturing is making significant changes to the manufacturing industry. Augmented Reality can showcase much more than images or digital characters.

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Basics

Augmented Reality is very often confused with Virtual reality but they differ significantly in terms of their applications. Virtual Reality lets the users put on their headset to enter into the virtual world, whereas Augmented Reality overlays digital content and information on the real world in real-time. It makes use of an existing environment that will add digital information to create an augmented environment. Workers can opt for Augmented Reality in manufacturing to know which machinery is working fine and whether it is within normal parameters. It can be a great help to improve the production line once it hits the factory floor. This will not only save time but also will be more cost-effective.


Augmented Reality in Manufacturing will transform the Industry

Work Faster  –

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing can be very beneficial for engineers to assemble anything very quickly that might take years of training to do so. But with the help of Augmented reality that uses motion sensors, depth sensors, and cameras that will overlay the image in the real world environment during their work. Engineers can see cables, rendering of bolts, and instructions on how to assemble a particular component. With the help of augmented reality, engineers can work 30% faster and accurately.

Maintenance –

Augmented Reality helps the maintenance crew to know about hardware and equipment services as well as check any major potential issue. They can make use of AR that displays information every time they visit the warehouse floor or factory. This allows for quicker response, faster recovery times, and repair and better operations all around.

Reduce Production Downtime –

Many manufacturing firms face production downtime due to the breaking down of machines.  It could cost the organization thousands of dollars. The team can easily identify the flaw and prevent the occurrence of downtime with the help of augmented reality devices. The team will be able to visually identify the cause and resolve it then and there.

Access any Data easily –

Engineers can have easy access to any object’s location, specs, lead-times, and inventory using Augmented Reality. The team can use an AR-enabled mobile app that can scan QR codes to view graphics and images of the particular product.


Augmented Reality in Manufacturing Applications

Airbus –

Airbus is making use of Augmented Reality in manufacturing for different purposes under the brand name Smart Augmented Reality Tool (SART). This technology can be used in various applications and approximately 1000 employees are using SART every day.

Boeing –

Boeing is the leading manufacturer of commercial jetliners which is making use of AR technology to ease the wiring work. Technicians get their instructions right when needed with the help of AR solutions.

Caterpillar –

Caterpillar completed a pilot project successfully that involved augmented reality for machine maintenance tasks. It provides sequential instructions to technicians how correctly different steps are performed. It helps to learn the maintenance procedures very quickly and avoid any errors.

There are so many things that augmented reality can do for the manufacturing industry. AR has great potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industries and companies.PlugXR is one such platform that will be a magic wand in the manufacturing industry.

It offers an easy drag and drops the cloud-based platform to create and publish an AR application. It can bring a vast change in the Manufacturing industry and leave an everlasting mark.


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, many people are looking for different ways to stay entertained at home. Last year, Google introduced different augmented reality objects and now they have added a bunch of more 3D AR animals. It can be a great distraction to place different animals on the living room couch. Initially, when this feature was introduced, it only had a few animals like a giant panda, a lion, a tiger, a wolf, and a Rottweiler. But now Google has introduced many 3D augmented reality animals. The animals that you can view in Google search are Wolf, Turtle, Tiger, Snake, Shetland pony, Shark, Octopus, Macaw, Lion, Horse, Hedgehog, Goat, Giant panda, Emperor penguin, Eagle, Duck, Dog, Cheetah, Cat, Brown bear, Angler fish, and Alligator. 

PlugXR has got a plethora of 3D AR Objects

Google took it as an initiative to make your quarantine time entertaining and fruitful by offering 30 AR animals. PlugXR is a pioneer in Augmented Reality which has also taken a responsibility to educate and entertain people through their 1000+ 3D AR objects. Expecting to reach more than 10,000.

PlugXR is a Silicon Valley startup that aims to expand the Augmented Reality market for everyone with Zero coding. PlugXR is a pioneer in the world of Augmented Reality which has contributed significantly to all the verticals of industries like Automobiles, Retail, Education, Tour & Travel, Entertainment, and Healthcare. The way we learn and explore things is changing with the evolution of new technology – like using augmented Reality to learn and explore new things. To beat your boredom during this quarantine period, PlugXR has introduced a wide range of 3D Augmented Reality objects. You can search for different objects from the PlugXR WebAR search bar and these models are categorized into different categories. These categories are:

  1. Animals & Pets
  2. Architecture
  3. Education
  4. Art & Abstract
  5. Cars & Vehicles
  6. Entertainment
  7. Characters & Creatures
  8. Cultural Heritage & History
  9. Electronics & Gadgets
  10. Fashion & Style
  11. Food & Drink
  12. Furniture & Home
  13. Music
  14. Nature & Plants
  15. News & Politics
  16. People
  17. Fantas
  18. Emojis
  19. Wonders

How to use the PlugXR 3D Augmented Reality Model feature?

  1. Just click on the WebAR link of PlugXR
  2. You can search for a particular model from the search bar or based on different categories.
  3. Click on the model and you will be able to see the model on your phone screen.
  4. You can view it in your space By moving your phone from one end to another.
  5. Finally, the 3D AR Model will be inside your room.
  6. You can easily resize the 3D AR Model by zooming in or out as per your requirement.
  7. You can also create it on your own by ‘Create your own’ option at the top.

AR 3D Model Compatibility

To access this feature, your device needs to be enabled. It is available on all smartphones and supports most of the devices. For Android tablet or smartphone, it supports Android 7.0 or higher. For iPad and iPhone, it supports iOS 11.0 or higher. If you are not sure about the version of the devices then you can go to Settings → General → tap software update. It will let you know about the current version of your phone. If there is a software update available then you can download and install it.


PlugXR gives free AR experience to mass audiences to have fun and learn with AR. People can record videos/ images and share them on any social networks like Tiktok, Facebook, etc. PlugXR 3D objects are an amazing Augmented Reality development that allows you to virtually project the objects directly into your home. Alone with a fun activity, this is also useful in learning and exploring new things.


Artists play a very important role in the evolution of any new technology though they are left out in the discussion of the advancement of any new technologies. Emerging technologies are always adapted for artistic and creative applications from engineering and science fields as well as different industries. Artistic people are making steady steps towards the digital revolution. New technology like Augmented Reality makes sure that the classic and traditional forms of art are not only preserved but also add more value to any form of art. Augmented Reality art offers an amazing and fully immersive experience for art enthusiasts. Whenever people think of art then they always associate it with taking a trip to the theatre or visiting an art gallery. But when augmented reality joins hands with art then it will open up new artistic possibilities. This will help the art in reaching a whole new set of audience.

Bringing Augmented Reality Art to Reality

AR art is employed to bridge a gap between artists and people. It will help to communicate artists’ emotions or core messages appealingly for people with different languages and backgrounds. Augmented Reality can be easily accessed by a simple app on any smartphone. This will establish a communication between the digital world and the physical environment. An amazing digital experience is created by Albertina Museum Vienna in which visitors can download the app to see the digital interpretation of the paintings. There are many performance artists as well as musicians who are taking advantage of augmented reality. Musicians are aware of the fact that every concert goer has a smartphone. It has great potential to provide a unique and modern concert experience.


Augmented Reality Art Example

Here are a few examples that states why AR Art is amazing to explore:

Padmavathi Parinayam

Tiruchanur Padmavathi Temple at Tirupati has made use of Augmented Reality to narrate and talk about the story of Srinivasa Kalyanam. People just need to download the ‘Padmavathi Parinayam’ app. Devotees can simply scan the pictures of Srinivas Kalyanam from their digital frames. This will turn the pictures into amazing videos on scanning and is one of the best examples of AR Art. The app also gives a detailed narration of the story that allows devotees to visualize and connect to it. The App is powered by Digitaleyecon and developed by the PlugXR Augmented Reality platform. PlugXR is a cloud-based Augmented Reality platform that will help to create amazing experiences that are beneficial for AR Art.

MoMAR Art (The Museum of Modern Art)

The artists were able to bring the paintings of Jackson Pollock to life which is based in The Museum of Modern Art. The audiences downloaded the MoMAR Gallery App on their smartphones that resulted in interactive Games, GIFs, and graphics being overplayed above the original artworks. The paintings became virtual art pieces that included loading progress bars and skeletons climbing paintings. This augmented reality app is available in Apple’s App store as well as Google Play store.

David Bowie Museum Exhibition

Planeta, Sony Music Entertainment and Victoria, and Albert Museum have announced that they will release the digital version of the David Bowie museum exhibition. This will be like Augmented Art experience on mobile phones and also VR. The experience will showcase the 3D scans of the artifacts and also the iconic work. One will also be able to step into the legendary outfits. It will allow the audiences to engage with the influential work of Bowie in a new way.

Augmented Reality Dance

Mbryonic has developed an Ashford-based dance company that experiences and creates high-quality productions that are not bound by the stage. AR art provides a very unique experience the way we see and interact with the dance. The devices of the audiences are connected wirelessly which has a great influence on transforming the dance into a great communal experience. This experience will also be previewed in September at the 18th International Dance Biennale.

Augmented Reality Art transforming Streets


Street art can be considered as a great platform for reaching the audiences which have broadened the reach. Street artists are not only raising awareness but also inspiring people to feel better about themselves. Here technology is playing an important role to spread the positive message even further. Augmented Reality is bringing street art to life that is giving its voice to reach a broader set of audiences. One of the best examples of AR street art is the AR mural which is showcasing composer Aram Khachaturian. People can easily scan the wall using the Arloopa App.

Here we have listed some of the creative possibilities of Augmented Reality in Arts and Culture. Anyone with smartphones can engage with arts in the most appealing way. 


Augmented Reality can be considered as a very important marketing tool for many companies over the last few years. It is a great tool for attracting new customers and augmented reality has moved to the retail and eCommerce industry. If the stats are to be believed, the retail sector will showcase 5% of the augmented and mixed reality software market by 2022. This technology has gained a lot of importance and popularity across the globe. Augmented Reality is not just about overlaying the camera with 3D generated objects. It can be very useful for retailers in improving their marketing strategies and generating high revenue. AR is utilized not only for game geeks and tech giants but also considered as a very popular technology among big traders. Augmented Reality in business helps to raise sales dramatically. All the big giants are using augmented reality to upgrade their sales and market presence. This is achieved by boosting the purchasing experience and customer interaction. 

Augmented Reality in Business to boost Sales:

AR in business can be considered as an emerging trend within sales and marketing strategies. This will allow the brands to give their customers a unique experience with easily tapping into their mobile devices.

Try products before purchasing it:

Potential customers always prefer to try products prior to purchasing them. AR shopping experiences can be considered as one of the rising trends in the retail industry. This gives customers the power to try clothing items, a vast range of home-related products and even try on makeup without any need to directly interact with them. Augmented Reality removes the need for a large physical inventory. This will allow the customers to try plenty of items in order to search for one of the best that will meet their needs.

Giving a new look to branding materials:

If you opt for AR in business then it has the power to take the branding materials like the brochures and business cards to the next level. Users can simply use their mobile devices to scan the printed materials that will give them additional information and different ways to get in contact with the brand. For example, A user can scan a business card in order to present different contact options that will allow the clients to get in touch with just a single click through call, email or even Linkedin.

Providing assistance through Augmented Reality:

AR in business has a great potential to add digital components on top of any physical products and locations. Clients can simply scan the object or product to pull up the AR experience. This will help to give additional information about the product or showcase some brand-related experience. The AR application is used in various industries and markets. 


A major role in improving B2B Sales:

B2B sales can be considered as the most significant area in which AR plays a very important role. Using salespeople with flyers and brochures and PowerPoint presentations can be considered as an old school method. Whereas customized augmented reality application provides a virtual 360-degree look of the product. It can allow the clients to interact with the product in a detailed way from a high-level overview to a granular inspection of the components.

Creating a buzz around the brand:

AR can also be used as a part of marketing strategy and indirect sales. It plays a very important role to enhance the status of the brand that can result in a significant buzz for a brand. It is a new phenomenon for people and an AR experience is well designed to create long-lasting memories. Companies can generate millions of dollars if such types of strategies are employed. In a competitive market, a well designed augmented reality campaign can differentiate it from the peers and establish a name for itself.

Augmented Reality in Business can be beneficial for customers:

  1. An augmented reality 3D product presentation can enhance customer engagement by displaying the products in a virtualized manner in the physical environment. 
  2. Saves the time of customers by allowing them to try on different products.
  3. eCommerce websites can allow their customers for online personalization and customization of the products.
  4. This will boost digital marketing in which information is added to the physical object in the form of video, lines of texts or an image. 

PlugXR: A great platform to boost Sales

PlugXR will help you to create detailed and immersive AR experiences with a simple drag and drop option without writing a single line of code. Just as Augmented reality is helping to boost sales, PlugXR is assuring that AR development is made feasible and easy for all the businesses to adopt it. There are many businesses that wanted to incorporate augmented reality with their products but the thing that was pulling them back is high cost, time and a lot of dependencies. Businesses can simply opt for PlugXR without worrying about time and the cost of development. It provides advanced reports and analytics which is very beneficial for them to keep a proper check.

Augmented Reality is the latest and trending technology that has the power of transforming any industry or business and enhancing the interaction with the users. Companies that have already implemented this technology have proven to be an effective approach to increase the competitive advantage by improving the experience and customer engagement. AR will surely help to upgrade the user experience that will lead to an increase in sales and business opportunities.


Business Cards can be considered as a very important part of life that helps to exchange contact details and turn a short meeting into a very valuable long-term contact. Exchanging business cards can be considered as the best way to make new business contacts and to stay connected with each other. It is considered to be very old-fashioned in the age of advanced technology. It is very difficult to manage these business cards as they easily get lost. Maintaining contact information into a digital address book can be a very difficult job. In today’s advanced world there are so many alternative options available to maintain your business cards that will indeed ease your work. Now you no longer need a separate drawer filled with business cards to follow up with your connections. One such option available is the Augmented Reality Business Card.

Augmented Reality has gained a lot of importance over the years and its popularity can be tracked from the day Pokemon Go was introduced. Augmented Reality is always offering a new way of interacting with people, colleagues, and people around the world. AR makes use of everyday devices like smartphones and tablets to overlay virtual objects over the real world. There are multiple examples of augmented reality in use today without any realization that you have already interacted with AR experiences. AR business cards have already become the latest trend due to its innovative nature. It surely plays a very important role in increasing engagement as well as impressions.  


How AR Business Cards makes your job easy:

Saves a lot of Space and Cost:

Augmented Reality technology can be used to display all the digital elements of AR business cards. Due to which a lot of space and cost is saved that provides wisdom and transparency. It will also eliminate the need to have brochures, catalogs and much more.

Displays additional information:

Traditional business cards can only display some basic information like the company’s logo, name of the company, address, company’s logo, website, email address, and contact details. AR business cards have a lot of capability to share a lot about the company and product. It plays a very important role to display all the work exhibited by your business.

Expands the reach:

The ‘click’ to connect feature is very useful that makes easy communication between the targeted audience and company. This increases the chance of turning them into potential customers.

Trendy Concept:

AR business cards are a futuristic concept that promises a wide growth of the adopters. They can take advantage of it and give a tough competition to the competitors.

Vast acceptance:

AR business cards have gained a lot of popularity among the people due to its simplicity and uniqueness. This will help the businesses to reach a wider set of audiences and target a larger customer base.

Content for AR Business Card:

The content that you decide for your AR business card depends upon the kind of work you do and particular circumstances. The most important content that you can include in your business card are:


Images are very engaging for the audiences and worth a thousand words. It is very important to include images in your business card that will help people to remember who the card belongs to.

Contact Information:

By including your information on an AR business card, you can make it easier for the people to tap on your email, phone number and website to contact you directly from their phone. 


Videos can help people to give them a quick overview of the features offered by your brand and how it will be useful for them. It will help the users to watch it straight from your business card.

3D Models:

3D Models is a very creative and amazing way that will impress the people and help you to stand out. 

Social Media Links:

You can have social media icons that are linking to your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other profiles for instance. People can easily find you and connect with you on different social media platforms.


Creating Augmented Reality Business Card through PlugXR:

PlugXR is an augmented reality cloud-based platform that can be an amazing AR business card maker. This will make it very appealing for the customers and also enhance their experience. There is no need to write a single line of code to develop AR business cards with the help of PlugXR. You can customize your conventional business cards with Augmented Reality to make it appealing for the prospects. This will also lead to higher conversion rates and help to build stronger relationships with the customers.

If you would like to find out more about how you can build your own AR business card then drop us a message and create your own business card today!


Creative Professionals and artists play a very important role in the evolution of any new technology. Though emerging technologies are not developed by creative professionals, they are widely adopted by them. A large number of creative people are combining their creativity with emerging technologies to open new doors of self-expression and storytelling. Professionals like designers and illustrators believe that augmented reality has a great potential to see if the future they imagine can come true. Augmented Reality for Creative Professionals can be a true game-changer.

In reality, there are many challenges involved when these creative professionals try to implement augmented reality.

Over the past few years…

Augmented Reality technology has made its way to every industry. AR technology has come a long way since it was first introduced.

According to the figures shared by BBC, the market value of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is estimated at $162 billion by 2024.

Implementing augmented reality for creative professionals and industries like entertainment, education, automotive and marketing always amazes us.

There is hardly any industry that comes without any obstacles. And Augmented Reality is no different. Though AR is one of the trending technologies, there are many challenges faced by it.

Need for Augmented Reality for Creative Professionals:

Most of the creative professionals around the world prefer freelancing rather than being employed traditionally.

  1. These professionals always tend to be more innovative and creative in their work and they always enjoy more freedom and flexibility.
  2. They always want to keep a track of what is trending recently and where the creative opportunities are.
  3. AR gives an immersive platform for these people to tell a story and direct them to deeper content.
  4. Keeping all these things in mind creative professionals like illustrators and designers are trying to implement AR technology for their projects.
  5. Creative Minds are battling to find a solution for Augmented Reality Challenges.

These AR Challenges are negatively affecting the conventional adoption of technology.

PlugXR gives you the reason to be optimistic though you are facing many Augmented Reality Challenges!


Challenges faced by implementing Augmented Reality for Creative Professionals:

Need to hire Developers for Development Process:

When the idea to implement Augmented Reality for any project hits the mind of creative professionals then they decide to hire a set of developers.

  1. One of the biggest influencing factors that affect the cost of augmented reality applications depends upon the developers. Choosing the right Software Development Kit (SDK) and installations of all the software can be very crucial.
  2. After the AR app is published then it requires proper maintenance. This whole process requires a lot of technical knowledge and high cost.
  3. This is the reason creative professionals drop their ideas to implement AR technology for their projects.

Too many dependencies on the technologies:

For the development of AR applications , there is a need to have 3D Engines like Unity3D, IDEs like Android Studio and XCODE, SDKs like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia, etc.

  1. Maintaining and Creating an Augmented Reality App requires a lot of dependency on developers, hardware and software during the different development processes.
  2. People with non-technical backgrounds like creative professionals will find it very difficult to implement it.

Team synchronization when working remotely:

It becomes very difficult for creative people to synchronize and collaborate with their team members when they are working remotely.

  1. Moreover, there might be a lot of confusion and misunderstanding between the team members.
  2. There should be a way in which team members can connect remotely with each other to work on the same project.
  3. Collaboration between team members is very important for any Augmented Reality project.


Analytics is very important for creative people to keep track of their business strategies.

  1. It can be considered as the key to any brand that will have a great impact on the growth and progress of any brand.
  2. Your AR platform should track all the information for the proper execution of strategies.

PlugXR: A solution to all the Challenges of Augmented Reality for Creative Professionals…

Create experience without writing a single line of code –

The process of AR development is very complex which is the main reason creative professionals don’t implement it for their products.

  1. PlugXR allows you to develop augmented reality experience without any coding knowledge by implementing a few basic steps.
  2. Creative people can either publish it on your app or PlugXR app or WebAR without any dependency.
  3. Keep the content ready and login to the PlugXR platform.
  4. Save the time by simply dragging and dropping the interface without any need to hire a developer.

Go ahead to publish it on Playstore, Appstore or browser.

PlugXR is a cloud-based platform:

PlugXR is a cloud-based platform that can be easily accessed from anywhere from any web browser which is truly an icing on the cake for creative professionals.

There are no software or hardware dependencies that simplifies the process of development by providing 3D Engines, IDEs like Android Studio and XCODE, SDKs like ARCore and ARKit within the platform.

Collaboration between team members:

PlugXR allows collaboration to connect with team members remotely and work collectively on the same project.

  1. Since it is not dependent on software and hardware so one can access the platform from anywhere from any of the web browsers.
  2. Professionals can stay connected with the people working on the same project without worrying about team synchronization.

Cloud-Hosting by PlugXR:

PlugXR is a cloud-based Augmented Reality platform in which all the data is stored in Cloud.

  1. It is very beneficial for creative professionals as everything remains on the servers and there is no need to worry about it.
  2. There are different security and precaution measures undertaken so that the data is kept safe.
  3. There is also an option to host all the data on your servers when the privacy of data is your concern.

It is completely your choice to host all the data on PlugXR cloud servers or host it on your servers.

Keeping a check on Analytics:

PlugXR provides you with advanced analytics reports that showcase the performance of the AR application.

  1. Analytic reports are very important as it helps to keep a check on your strategies and whether they are beneficial or not.
  2. It will help to keep a close tab on all the apps no matter where you are located.
  3. All the hurdles faced during the development process by Augmented Reality for creative professionals are easily solved by the PlugXR platform.

To have a better understanding of the platform you can sign up for a free trial that will give you a brief of all the features that are offered by the platform.