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Technology is expanding, and it will be expanding till humans survive. Technology is designed to fulfill the needs and everyday requirements of the human race. That’s how we have smartphones, the internet, cleaning machines, and all other things that you can think of. Some crucial technological changes have shifted people from the physical to the digital world by introducing apps facilitating the necessities. One such facility is AR solutions. It is such a prominent breakthrough that gives the best services and in this blog, let’s learn how to develop them.

What do we understand by AR solutions?

Augmented reality Solutions utilize AR technology in various situations to target a particular query. For example, to develop an AR app for shopping, utilizing AR technology. 

Where can we use this technology?

Unlike virtual reality, augmented reality has expanded its reach to almost all industries. It creates an impact on digital platforms, especially e-commerce websites. 

If you own a business and look for ways to market your product, augmented reality solutions are the best approach. 

I have been fascinated by the fact that people are a little late to realize its importance and impact. AR can transform the whole digital media. It can portray 3D models, imaginative content to the real world without altering the environment. 

Many industries have adopted this new technology. Let’s understand where they have used it.


Healthcare Sectors:

Along with technology, the health sector has also been expanding due to increased diseases and complications. Therefore, we require more doctors and medical facilities now more than ever. AR technology has been introduced to enhance their work and training. With the right solution, new doctors can be trained in complex operations without any risk and extra resources. Most of the time, medical students don’t get to practice a lot due to a lack of resources. Now, it is not practical to line up bodies for practice. Therefore, this technology can in-depth help the students to acquire more knowledge using the digital platforms.

Fashion Industries:

The fashion industry has escalated from offline stores to e-commerce websites. Many multinational companies have made online shopping a trend. It is so affordable and easy to use that people prefer online shopping more than offline store shopping. AR solutions have brought consumers one step closer to their fashion sense by enabling them to try on 3D models. Look for the smartest move here: This is the best use of this technology where people can rely on what they see. This, in turn, reduces the return trades. It is a plus point for industries. 

Industrial Applications:

Industries will soon change how they used to work. They can teach their staff from remote locations with live support. It will eliminate the possibility of mistakes and repeated procedures. It will also generate the enthusiasm to earn better and perform even better. One of the best examples of such a technology is this:

Machines and equipment always require some assistance. This assistance can be provided by utilizing AR solutions.

Educational Institutes:

Education is the best gift that you can give to a person. But if it is boring and out of curiosity, it looks like a punishment. While education is crucial, it is also important to find the best means of facilitating it. Many institutes have already shifted to digital platforms. Explaining concepts with immersive technology like AR solutions can altogether change the education industry. Institutes can adopt this technology to curb boredom and generate curiosity among students. The students, who are rightly encouraged, seem to do better in life and that too, with full of energy. One of the brilliant examples is this:

Advertising Industries:

Any product you buy needs advertisement for its sale. The perfect marketing strategy is to advertise it on the digital platform. Many companies have already started marketing their product through AR solutions. Portraying imaginative ideas onto the real world.  

There are a lot more solutions to AR technology. This blog alone will not be sufficient to showcase them all. 

Where can we develop these?

Various companies regret choosing any platform for AR app creation. They think any platform would allow them to explore the complete AR technology. Let’s get some points clear. If you are searching for a platform that will allow you to develop an app on AR solutions, it will be PlugXR. It’s a company of values that truly provides what it promised. 


PlugXR is a no-coding platform that enables AR app creation with ease. It takes less time for development with affordable technology. It will not hit you hard on the pocket. You can use any SDK (Software Development Kit) that you would like for app creation. Look out for PlugXR here: 

How can we develop AR solutions?

If you want to develop an app of this technology, then you should visit and look for different projects. PlugXR offers a variety of projects to attain beautiful apps. It offers:

  1. Mobile AR Offline Surface Targets
  2. Publish in PlugXR App
  3. Mobile AR Offline Image Targets
  4. WebAR Surface Targets
  5. Mobile AR Cloud Image Targets
  6. WebAR Image Targets

These projects will help you discover the brand that you were searching for. It is one platform for all the solutions. 


AR solutions will look forward in the technological market as it will curb all other branding technologies. Unlike virtual reality, AR will prove itself to be a game-changer. 

You have to be ahead of the game. Develop apps that relate to AR technology. It will keep you in good profits over a longer period. It’s like investing your time into things that will escalate in the immediate future.

While other technologies are slow and unattractive, AR solutions attract consumers and grab their attention. 

It is a fascinating technology that requires just an idea, the development is taken care of by platforms like PlugXR.


To conclude, here we have some important points to keep in mind. First, what are the best AR solutions, and how to develop them? It is very interesting, as whatever ideas you have can be converted into this technology. Any service that can be provided by apps can be provided by AR technology.

To develop this kind of solution, honestly, you need expertise, but as we move along with augmented technology, we have solutions for all the problems. One such solution is the PlugXR platform. 

Do you believe that every idea has the potential to become an AR solution?


Have you ever seen advertisements on the billboards moving and sometimes giving crazy 3D effects too? It’s so realistic that people often get mesmerized and rush towards the product or store. This type of advertisement can be crafted by augmented reality technology. These advertisements are often called experiences in technical terms and require an AR platform for their creation. The AR experience is one such trending technology that gives immersive yet realistic effects. Big stores are adapting to this change and are encouraging consumers to experience this change.

What do you mean by an immersive experience?

An immersive experience involves the user getting completely indulged in the experience. It usually occurs with the aid of augmented and virtual reality. 

While many gaming companies use virtual reality than augmented reality for attracting users towards complete immersion.

Whereas other companies focusing on e-commerce and broad bands prefer augmented reality. It helps them to create a real-time experience with immersive engagements. 

Augmented reality technology can fill the gap between product recognition and brand establishment. It gives freedom to users to develop experiences that are visually beautiful and attractive. 


Let’s jump right into the five tips to create an immersive AR experience.

Tip 1: Create a product that you want to showcase to the targeted audience.

Choose a product that you think is attractive and in demand right now. Suppose you bake cookies and want your local shop to turn into a brand. You can also expand the business by keeping different flavors to the cookies.

Remember that every single product is eligible for AR experience and its advertisement. 

Tip 2: Put your product on the digital platform.

If you think you can target the local crowd effectively, then you are on the right path. But what about the crowd outside your area? Don’t you want people to travel from far places, just to taste your cookies? Well, that will be an achievement, to be honest. This can be achieved by taking your product on the digital platform. 

We have come to a technological period where every business is online. Consumers also check the validity of a retailer by Googling it.  

Therefore the online presence of a product can turn the business into a brand. 

It can be achieved by creating a website.  

Tip 3: Create a story for your product.

While you are selling cookies, there are a lot more people who also sell the cookies. How will people relate to you more than others? You have to create a storyline that has some ups and downs and is also motivating at the same time.

It can be a simple tagline that explains the work and represents your journey.

For the AR experience, you must generate curiosity among the viewers. This curiosity can help you in getting ahead of the market.

Tip 4: Change the story into an AR experience.

A story that can move the audience emotionally is the best kind of a story. Make your story interesting and convert it into an AR experience. 

For that, create elements of your story and visualize it. Open and get registered with the platform. 

The PlugXR platform offers an immersive AR experience creation platform. 

Anyone can create augmented reality experiences without the knowledge of coding.

Now choose a project from the list. You can create an experience in any of the following projects.


For the complete guidance of AR experience creation, you can refer to the documentation: 

You have to upload an image (marker), which becomes the basis for your experience. You can scan this image later and view the experience that you created.

Find the tutorial link here for the creation of the experience. 

In simple terms, you have to add a few graphical elements. It can be from 3D models, videos, audios, buttons to links, and so on. Then you can animate these elements to create a story that suits your brand.

This process is called the creation of the AR experience. It will ease out the experience creation process. After creating the experience, you have to publish your work on different social media handles.

Tip 5: Create social media awareness about the AR experience for your product.

Social media awareness can be created by posting the experience on different platforms. It will help you develop your product into a brand. 

Why should businesses switch to digital platforms?

When you go out in the market, you will find that most brands have performed extremely well after switching from offline marketing to digital brand presence. 

This resulted due to the heavy presence of customers on digital platforms rather than physical presence. Many people search for products online and then make a purchase. Therefore, online presence is crucial for brand recognition.


Which platform to choose to create an AR experience?

Multiple platforms offer the creation of experiences. Few platforms are feasible, and few are extremely hard to work upon. One should not opt for platforms that don’t provide free access. Explore the PlugXR platform for creating fascinating experiences. 

Why should you opt for PlugXR?

PlugXR is a no-code platform that offers app creation in minutes. It is pocket-friendly and can take your business to 10X speed. You can also share your experiences by scanning the QR code. 

One can target many by just sharing the QR code and launching the experience. 

It is an easy way of taking your business to the top.


An immersive AR experience requires the experience for its creation. As we have multiple technologies around us, we find ways to get things done quickly. It is when platforms like PlugXR step up and create an easy pathway for you. 

You have to get registered to the PlugXR creator platform. Here is the link and start creating experiences with different models and assets. It will give you the independence to work comfortably and quickly. In 5 mins, you will be able to create massive experiences.

Do you agree that AR is going to take over the advertising campaigns?


With the increasing demand for digital transformation, businesses are looking forward to becoming elaborative. To have a presence in the market, different strategies are required along with some technical support. This technical support is nothing but emerging technologies. People all over the world adapt to new technology to experiment the new ways of business. If small companies think beyond the financial point they too can create a huge impact in the market. One such ideal business where new technology can be introduced is the real estate business. With real estate augmented reality, the buyers, sellers and all related people can establish a great position among the clients.  

How real estate augmented reality be different from the usual strategy?

As technology grows, people must evolve with it. No older strategies work in front of technology. For example, if a person wants to send a message to his friend, he will use WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram and other trendy messaging apps. He will not ask a pigeon to deliver it. It was a funny yet important example, telling us to evolve with technology.

Likewise, a business like real estate requires an agreement between two parties, and this can only be possible after reviewing the property. Most of the time, either the buyer is out of town or the seller. But with real estate augmented reality, people can rely on tech support that gives you the picture of the plot and presents it in 3D form. It eliminates the requirement of physical presence. And, also wraps up the deal quickly.


Is real estate augmented reality costly?

With new technology comes a new budget. All businesses can’t afford tons of money, and it is understandable because different companies have different financial plans. With PlugXR, a business looks achievable as it offers affordable prices for technology. Implementing this technology will be a blessing if one wants to master it.

No, technology is not always pricy. It can be made pocket-friendly with good companies like PlugXR. 

Does real estate augment reality requires a technical team?

The answer can be both. It depends upon which company your business consult. With different company comes various technical support. But, with PlugXR, real estate augmented reality doesn’t require a tech team at all. All you need is a good idea and the internet. With us, organizations can create 3D models, videos, images and many more without writing a single line of code. It reduces the excess resource-saving a lot of pennies on the companies side. It will allow more intake of skilled employees while skipping the tech support. 

What does this technology mean?

Augmented reality in any field of business enhances the quality, reduces the physical presence and gives more recognition. Augmented reality is an immersive technology that indulges the user entirely and doesn’t blur reality. With mesmerizing visuals presented by this technology, every business dreams of adapting it. 

Real estate is a global business. All individuals try hard to invest in this business. With rich and solid returns real estate promises a great deal for everyone. It helps the establishment of a new property with great immersive technical support. 

Why is real estate augmented reality a better choice?

When we talk about technology, specifically augmented reality, real estate doesn’t ring a bell. It requires site visiting, establishing trust and multiple property looks. But this doesn’t necessarily be practical. Advanced technology eases out the business of the real estate. It will help the owners reduce the cost of multiple site visits, allowing them to save some money. Real estate augmented reality presents a holistic approach. It represents the data so immersively that buyers and sellers can’t take a step back from buying it. 

These days, technology is so accessible that a smartphone or a similar gadget can replace heavy technical support. A smartphone is all you need to view the AR experience. All the experiences can be viewed with just a QR code. This QR code will be available on the creative website. Clients can enjoy the experience from anywhere in the world. 

Earlier, visiting a property was mandatory to sign a deal. It was essential also. But with this increasing technology and space, people got separated from lands and beautiful properties. To bring them closer to your property technology has to be used. Real estate augmented reality is the one technology that gives a holistic look to your property. It gives a wide picture along with the 3D look inside and outside of rooms and lands. 

In any case, nobody can reject that it has incredible potential for progressing both the selling and purchasing experience in the housing market. It can grow showcasing systems for real estate professionals and give home purchasers more amazing encounters.


This approach can be enhanced using AR technology. Abstract arts can be added to the properties along with colourful walls with designs. It has effectively begun to be utilized in home planning or land chase applications, and the effect on the business is confirmation that there are many more Augmented Reality apps that can offer. It will help the buyers to understand the property better. 

Steps to adopt real estate augmented reality!

A simple and effective website is PlugXR. Open and register yourself with it. After creating an account, start selecting the type of app your real estate AR app wants. Then create magical experiences with the help of assets provided by the website.

With 3-4 clicks, one experience can be created, and that too within few minutes. Along with the experiences, apps can also be created. It will also take few minutes.

PlugXR promises to provide smooth and effortless functions helping customers develop fun apps within minutes. When thinking of businesses with AR technology, real estate doesn’t ring a ring. Therefore, be the early birds to this new advanced technology and shoot up your real estate augmented reality business.


How is augmented reality different from virtual reality?

Augmented reality is a reality with an imaginative and immersive world. It includes the object in the real world, unlike virtual reality. In virtual reality, users wear different gadgets to experience virtual reality. With augmented reality, users can view the same experience in the real world just with their smartphones. Nowadays, every industry is trying to include AR in action. Augmented reality in the classroom is not far from reality. Teachers and students get involved in activities so much that they forget learning through the lectures.

Education and the augmented reality

Earlier in the education system, small children used to understand concepts through stories. Teachers used to relate the story with the concepts to make them understand simple to complex ideas. Slowly students used to understand and then develop a curiosity for the next topic. Teachers usually avoid just the lecture method of teaching. They try to involve students as much as possible. 

But what if this storytelling process can be made more interactive and knowledgeable? Well, this is possible with augmented reality in the classroom. Using this, students can create imaginative scenarios in their minds, and the teacher can develop their curriculum accordingly. It will not only enhance the storytelling process but also fuels the learning process. 

If students are taught well, they then score well. Many students fail to solve minor problems in exams. It occurs due to weak basic education. Students mug up the concepts without understanding them. Teachers these days can’t help situations where students are more students, and the focus on one student becomes impossible. Therefore, students should participate voluntarily to learn things. But through the lecture method, students tend to be distracted as they can’t listen for a longer period without any interest. To generate this interest, institutes should adopt augmented reality in the classroom.


When should institutes inculcate this technolgy?

Pre-primary education in the world is more of colours and learning from nature. Therefore, augmented reality in the classroom will not hinder the natural environment. Additionally, it will display the concepts in the real world, making it more of a reality.

We see a lot of graduates not choosing their field of study. Do you know why? The reason is simple. Their concepts were not clear, which didn’t generate any interest. That later led to taking up jobs in call centres and sales. While these jobs are not bad, they don’t match their qualifications. The education system should and must promote balanced education that can land the students in their respective fields. For that, things have to be made more practical rather than theoretical. 

We see, in schools and colleges, students tend to get least involved in a practical session. It is not because they lack interest. The fundamental explanation is the absence of hardware. Most students just see the types of machinery and imagine themselves doing it. Isn’t it like a joke? How can learning be promoted without acknowledging the fact that it will go in vain without practicals? 

PlugXR understands these problems and has come up with multiple solutions. One of them is augmented reality in the classroom.

This concept will help students imagine better, get their hands dirty with experiments and finally understand what the concept is.

Most importantly, students from the 8th standard practice science & technology daily. In their textbooks, the experiments are written, and the students perform them. Some students, out of curiosity, perform it, but most of them just ignore it because written material is like a lecture. With AR technology, textbooks can be made interactive. If they see the experiment occurring in front of them in the textbook, they will be surprised and be keen to perform those themselves.

The most important task of a teacher is not just to give knowledge but to present it in a form that a child can understand. If he thinks that the teacher is speaking Greek and Latin, then what will he gain from that lecture? 


Therefore, teachers should plan the curriculum with simple and interesting tricks. One such trick is inculcating augmented reality in the classroom.

Many students lack confidence while speaking. They think that speaking is a skill that only a few people can master. While it is a skill, if the education system doesn’t help you achieve it, what will? Most of the English language classes teach grammar. Each one of us must know basic grammar. But what is the use of grammar if we don’t practice and implement it in our lives? In institutes, lecturers should inculcate interactive sessions where students can interact with native English speakers. While this task is also a challenge, augmented reality in the classroom will ease out the process. It is such an interactive technology that every child will only gain an advantage from it.

The situation of graduates without AR technology!

Coming to our graduates, most of them are unemployed or underskilled. It occurs due to a lack of proper labs. Consider a medical student in a government medical college. It is a fact that types of equipment are lesser. Though it is the fault of the government, we can’t blame the government all the time. We are so much equipped with technology that utilising it will solve most of our problems. The institutes might not have the budget to buy the different equipment or assistants to train the students. The solution is augmented reality in the classroom. AR technology will curb the need for heavy pieces of equipment by displaying all the parts and machinery. It will portray the working of the equipment, helping students gain more and more from it.

In areas of medical operations, students learn by practising it on the dead body. But before that, they have to understand the location of the bones, nerves and various other medical information. While this is available in textbooks, and we see medical students always immersed in them, this technology will change this scenario. It will help in the healthy learning process.

Where can institutes find this technology?

Institutes should visit . This website will help them understand the importance of augmented reality in the classroom. As we grow globally in technology, the education system should adopt new methods of teaching for the betterment of students and our future generation.


AR is blooming in a world full of technology. It was just a small experiment that was an absolute success. This gave hope to many imaginative stories and creativities. It has now become a trend. People use augmented reality as if it’s just a usual thing without even realising how this technology started its journey.

This technology inculcates virtual objects onto the real world. It overlays the virtual object and gives a picture of reality. Many users are unaware that they use augmented reality in their daily lives, especially the youngsters, phone addicts, and social media birds. They use Snapchat, Instagram filters regularly. It doesn’t even strike them what the reality is and how this technology is helping them establish that cute look. 

It is none other than a fun technology that is helping small to big businesses. With the aid of advanced AR technologies, the information about the environment or the real world of the users become so immersive and digitally influential.

When humans started inventing machines, it was a known fact that robotics and artificial intelligence will change the way we perceive things. If we combine both machines and humans, then it will result in massive productivity with strengthful technologies. It has opened the opportunity for human interface with the physical and digital worlds. A bridge was developed after understanding this gap. It is now known as augmented reality technology.

This technology is becoming increasingly congenial to everyday consumers through smartphones, tablets, and wearable smart devices. It enables a personalised shopping experience with many e-commerce websites promoting AR. It not only engages the customer but also keeps healthy interactions resulting in positive sales. 

With the increasing demands of new technologies, it would be the first one to win hearts. It is considered a virtual aid for product selection. Among the many uses, the first one is e-commerce websites.

How is Augmented Reality helping consumers?


The ability to project data, enabled by this technology on the dashboards and windshields of automobiles. Warning the driver about the future danger and layers like location, restaurants, wind speed add icing on the cake. If this essential data is, manifested on the dashboard of an automobile, it will add an exclusive driving experience. 

Consumers are surrounded by thousands of apps. Most of them are e-commerce websites and social media apps. While we are familiar with the face filters offered by Instagram and Snapchat, some companies are also introducing augmented reality in their e-commerce websites. 

For instance, IKEA already provides the opportunity to visualise the product at home. The size, shape, colour, and location, can be decided on smartphones and tablets. It has not only made the process easy but also increased the sale. The sale increased due to fewer returns and better satisfaction. 

Similarly, companies are getting aware of the market and the demand. They are also looking forward to the AR experiences. It will be a game-changer as consumers will now be able to interact with the product. Any industry can acquire such technology. 

How can companies acquire this technology?

Companies all around the world compete for great recognition and valued profits. Along with that, consumers demand satisfaction and happy experiences. The best way to achieve those milestones is AR technology. Companies should hop on this trend and avail its benefits.

Major changes in the market are brought about by major technologies, such as AR. But how can companies acquire such a complex technology? Well, the answer is simple. There is one platform that offers effortless app creation. It doesn’t demand any code, dependencies, and any other specific processes, that is required to create an app. That platform is PlugXR. PlugXR, an immersive experience creation platform, helps business owners, individuals and even marketers to develop experiences and apps. They can publish the apps on the AppStore orPlay Store. It will bring revolution in the field of technology as there is no requirement for a technical team. 

What are the benefits of AR for consumers?

A consumer seeks satisfaction. It is a mandatory factor to give an excellent customer experience to a consumer. While we talk a lot about satisfaction, it is essential to find ways to attain it. Many customers come back from online shopping because they couldn’t achieve great products. They were promised a good product but due to lack of services led to a poor experience. The product they ordered wasn’t a bit closer to what came to them. 

The situation and the trend demand higher interactivity. Consumers can now switch to this technology that offers overlay features of virtual objects in the real world. This technology has helped consumers place their favourite products from the website to their homes. It means that they viewed a product online, and with the help of AR, they were able to see how that product was looking at their place. 

What industries can switch to augmented reality platforms?


If a technical company wants to switch their business process through augmented reality, it is important to grow digitally. Consumers now check the company’s validity online before making any purchase. Hence it becomes crucial to have a digital platform. Be it a school, a fashion boutique, or a hospital, the industries would require a digital platform. 

Various industries have a digital presence, but is it enough? The answer will be no. Companies strive for consumers and try harder every single time. They invest money, power, resources to attract consumers. However, small industries lack excessive money and resources. But, AR as a technology is so affordable that any business can acquire it and cherish it for life-long. However, the selection of the platform should be made wisely. In our suggestion, PlugXR is the most effective and influential platform for the development of AR apps and experiences. Check out the website to get the details: .


Have you ever tried shopping online? Isn’t it convenient to order something without actually seeing the product in person? And surprisingly, it gets delivered in a short period. The payment methods are also flexible and safe that we don’t bother to step out. But sometimes we return the product just because they don’t look great on you or don’t suit your room. But, what options do the shopaholics have? They have to keep trying and experimenting with multiple orders? Well, no more, pair e-commerce with augmented reality. 

What is augmented reality with e-commerce?

Augmented reality is a field of technology that indulges with your reality and makes it phenomenal. For example, one day, you decide to buy a piece of furniture but don’t know if it will be good with your aesthetics. Then what will you do? You will switch to the e-commerce website that sells products with augmented reality displays. It will help you project the furniture in your room and allows you to check if that is the one. 

What type of companies can have an e-commerce business with augmented reality?

Any company can pair their business with augmented reality on e-commerce. The store we visualize online have everything from biscuit to bikes. Everything is available online; therefore, be promoted on e-commerce websites. 

How can small enterprises run their business through e-commerce with augmented reality?

What is business? It’s an idea invested with money and power. So, why should small ideas be worried about not using AR technology? E-commerce all around the world works on graphical representation. And e-commerce with augmented reality is nothing but an immersive experience at a go. Let’s understand it with an example. A customer needs to buy a piece of jewellery; sold by a small enterprise. It is good quality material, but the customer is confused about whether that piece will look good on her or not. What augmented reality does is, helps you create a 3D model which the customer can visualize from all angles. They can wear it digitally like a filter on Instagram or Snapchat. It will promote the right mindset in the customer, and eventually, the product will be gone. 

Therefore, any business can hop on the journey of e-commerce with augmented reality.

It is so vibrant that the customer will surely come back. Technology has provided so many facilities to human beings we can explore all that available in the market and be extraordinary. Everything is about the business; you visit a website, it’s a business; you buy perfume, it’s a business, and almost everything is related to the transaction. Therefore, apt decisions will drastically change the way you deal with your users. 

Augmented reality is immersive and soothing technology. Add it to e-commerce websites to bring customers to your doorsteps. 

How can e-commerce be associated with augmented reality?

Creation is the easiest part of this blog. One doesn’t need a higher budget or costly equipment for developing augmented reality experiences. All that you need is good internet connectivity and a creative mind. Once you have the passion, visit . This platform will allow you to explore all the possibilities of creating content. 

Any business requires creative content and a tool that will justify the work. That tool is , a creator website of the PlugXR platform. It will allow you to create innovative designs. It is a code-free platform that enables everyone to develop creative content. It is a cost-effective platform that also saves time. 

Why should businesses hop on e-commerce with augmented reality?

Millions of ideas are generated every year with the hope to succeed in the market. But due to poor communication with the consumers, they fail and eventually shut down their business. But, this situation is changing with effective methods like e-commerce with augmented reality to overcome this barrier. Switch your business online and satisfy your customers with immersive experiences that will promote a healthy relationship.

Advantages of augmented reality for successful brand promotion in e-commerce business 
  1. All businesses, small or big, requires financial support. So, hurry up and jump to the cost-effective measures offered by good platforms like the get creative and user-friendly with a small investment that will not be a liability but will become an asset.
  2. If you don’t have a technical team and still want to be on top of the market, don’t worry, PlugXR platform got you covered. Start e-commerce with augmented reality without using a single line of code. PlugXR promotes the drag and drop techniques that allow any user to produce imaginative content with zero technical skills.
  3. If a user wants to create an app installed on smartphones, he can publish his work on the app with the PlugXR platform. There are no dependencies required. Just save and publish on App Store or Play Store.
  4. A user can share their creative experience without creating an app as well. They can share it by utilizing QR codes. These codes are sharable. A user should scan the code to view it on any platform. It will create a powerful impact on the users viewing your work.
  5. Every individual gets the same amount of time as we get. App creation takes around 4-5 months, making it a time-consuming process. Whereas, if you chose PlugXR, then the time is reduced to 5 mins.

Why the e-commerce website with augmented reality; is in trend?

Switching to augmented reality will be the best decision that any user will take. It can transform the perception of a business. It will not only promote your business but also helps to establish trust in the customers. 

For Furniture shopping: Choosing a piece of furniture will be like a game. Select different designs, colours, shapes and sizes according to the size and nature of the room.

For Vehicle shopping: Know the details of the engine, material, tyres and everything else that you need to. Augmented reality focuses on infographics and lets the user explore the possibilities.

Likewise, everything can be shifted to e-commerce websites as it is the safest and most affordable option. It also engages more customers and satisfies their needs. It never disappoints them and hence is the topmost priority in the market. So, switch to e-commerce with augmented reality. For more information, visit


The planet earth has witnessed many changes, from environmental to technical, but it’s time for some magical moments that will transform the imagination into reality. Augmented reality, a technology that is blooming through various techniques and codes, made it unique and attractive. Brands and companies all over the world are bringing AR into play. But what if your brand doesn’t have a technical team? What if no one knows to code? What is coding? Can AR content be created with a no-code platform?

What is Coding? Are there any no-code platforms?

Coding is, in simple terms, a process of utilizing a programming language to get your computer to behave in a way that you want. It helps to develop scripts to carry out a design for apps, websites and many more. Any augmented reality app would also need knowledge of coding. 

A few years back, augmented reality was not a concept that attracted the users so much as they had less knowledge and misconceptions about this technology.

With the introduction of Snapchat filters, Pokemon Go, and applications like these, it became a trend in the market. 

After a while, many gaming companies gained a lot of confidence with their products with augmented reality and attracted millions of users. But is augmented reality only for gamers?

Why do brands choose a no-code platform?

Augmented reality has established a unique position among brands and promoters. It has proved its significance in all sectors, from industry to education. Every industry now looks for infographics more than just simple posters. These various strategies help them gain audiences that were earlier bored of this mundane content.

As the number of users increases, the technology reshapes itself around the user, making it more adaptable and easy to use. One such feature is developing an app without coding. There are not many platforms that offer such brilliant functionality. 

Among the stars of companies offering no-code platforms, PlugXR is blooming like a moon. It has proved its potential by helping users across the globe. It has not only changed the way businesses are run but also how they promote. 

With or without a technical team, users were able to create mesmerizing content over the internet. They published their apps, experiences and shared them among their tribe. This made the no-code platform a unique and significant game-changer.


If your business requires augmented reality and you don’t know code, then what should be done?

Coding as mentioned is a complex task and requires technical support. But augmented reality can be accomplished with PlugXR without the need for coding. It’s a no-code platform and is easy to use. PlugXR, a company with the introduction of web AR, image tracking, surface tracking, and location tracking is emerging as the leading company in the field of augmented reality.

PlugXR offers a well organised and spontaneous interface to develop AR with a simple drag and drop feature and all you need is all your images, videos and files ready to be dropped into the website.

User can publish their work and experiences on their apps or the PlugXR app. It requires no dependencies and libraries. It is a simple process. With just a few clicks, a user can publish the apps in the AppStore or Play Store.

The most interesting and attractive part is coding. A user can create an immersive and imaginative experience and develop an app without having any kind of knowledge of coding. This feature helps the new business that owns the technical team and the old school businesses that have no command of computing languages. 

PlugXR is the best platform as it promotes businesses of all kinds. If you own a school and want students to learn better, be it in any field, one can create experiences to enhance the teaching aids. This will create a huge impact on students and will never escape from their memory.

Building an intelligent AR experience requires smart and up to date platforms to ensure great responsive and immersive app creation. 

Where can you find a no-code platform?

In 5-6 years, many small-scale businesses and startups have twirled the technology so much that applications find solutions to be developed. One such solution is the no-code platform. Unlike other features, this has become a crucial point in the life of any business. 

Most of the businesses run on promotion to reach out to a fair amount of audience. No wonder companies come up with such plans. Among the best company you see, they use technological support to attract the tribe.

Many such tribes have stayed loyal to the businesses because of the happy experience that they come across. And PlugXR has made 100% sure that those happy experiences were from them. PlugXR is not only a bountifulness of resources but also a caring and supportive company.

This is the platform where you can imagine your creative ideas taking a shape. Soon it will transform your imagination into a magnificent reality. When you ask where to find such a platform, were you not clear that PlugXR is the one?

With a free trial, the user will be able to experience what he is getting into. It’s an immersive world and that too with offers such as a no-code platform.


Advantages of using a no-code platform?

  1. The no-code platforms are so unique that companies save a lot in finance. A technical team costs a lot for a company with developers, coders and testers. With fewer pennies and more audiences, businesses grew drastically well. A no-code platform is,developing an app without using any single line of code. 
  2. While a lot of us talk about time, we sometimes regret wasting it. While coding can change the strategies for your business, the same can be achieved without coding. The time that coding takes to develop an app is more and hence requires a dedicated team. PlugXR no-coding platform started changing this trend a few years back and observed a significant change. The audience was able to connect better and saved their time in developing an app without code. 
  3. When a user finds every solution right in front of them, then why should they wander around. PlugXR cut down costs and time allowing users to complete the app development without learning to code.

Thanks to all these technologies, we can survive in the premium quality. So many changes have transformed the way we entertain our audience. So say goodbye to coding and develop an app with just a few clicks without using any code on PlugXR no-code platform.

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WebAR -apps

The advancement in technology helped pave the way for a faster and easier way to communicate. Apps were created and installed in the devices which lead to loss of storage space. But what if there was no need to install apps and the same experience could be enjoyed in the browser? Presenting WebAR apps that need no installation. 

Augmented reality has emerged as the leading-edge technology making its presence globally. It has changed the way we imagine our business and provided creative ideas for the same. Many apps were developed and installed for augmented reality. But now the time has come to modify and save some space in our devices. We at PlugXR introduce you to WebAR experiences. 

What are WebAR apps?

As commonly believed, WebAR is an augmented reality experience that can be accessed through common web browsers. It doesn’t require any app that has to be installed in the system. It allows the user to operate it from any device on any browser. WebAR works with simple animations using 3D models, images, videos, audio, and many more. The inescapable devices are our mobile phones. And hence this technology can also be accessed through it.

How WebAR apps work?

Technology is developing faster than ever and so is the need for us to get upgraded. Nearly everyone uses smartphones in this generation. AR technology has already crossed many minds and businesses are keen to introduce Web AR apps. But how does it work?

  1. WebAR experience can be enjoyed by simply opening the camera app of the device.
  2. Visit a site that offers the WebAR experience.
  3. Scan the QR code of the experience
  4. Enjoy the experience

The WebAR apps give a satisfying experience to its users and developers. It gives them the freedom to work from anywhere on the experience. 

App-based solutions require multiple downloads and version upgrades from time to time. It pushes the users away from the offer you have created. It is a simple yet effective way of showcasing your product.

Many clients turn to their digital marketer and often ask about the advantages of WebAR apps. It shows that most of the customers prefer quick processes rather than slower ones. WebAR is mostly about offering smart and quick ways of increasing the business. Hence it is preferable.

WebAR -apps

Advantages of WebAR apps:

  1. Web AR is taking the internet by storm. It takes the burden of installation and allows users to enjoy a hassle-free experience. It has attracted the brands completely towards itself. 
  2. WebAR apps require no installation saving extra space in your devices. It not only makes the task easy but also encourages multiple users to utilise it.
  3. It is a compatible choice for most browsers. As WebAR apps are accessed over the browser, it is supported by most of them. It allows multiple users interaction which in turn increases brand recognition.
  4. While loading an experience could be as easy as it looks but AR apps require employment. The deployment process takes but with WebAR apps the deployments are much faster. It doesn’t require plenty of employment time.
  5. It allows users to easily share the experience right over the internet. A simply URL can change the game. It makes the experience more valuable and sharable as well. However, with downloadable apps, it becomes difficult to convince the audience.
  6. Use it as it is. Many apps that we install require updates from time to time. It can be tiresome and in the process sometimes, users uninstall the apps. This can be a huge drawback for the creators. That’s why many businesses are switching to WebAR apps where a simple QR code does the job.

How to create a WebAR experience?

If you wish to create an experience on the browser then PlugXR is the go-to platform. PlugXR offers a huge variety of features for the creation of an experience. The development can be accomplished within minutes. This platform is easy to use and accessible on the browser. First, open the website, , and open Web AR apps. There are two options available: image and surface tracking. A user can choose any one of them. Image tracking requires a marker image. With few clicks, you will be able to generate an experience. This experience must be saved and published. After publishing the experience the QR code can be scanned and the experience can be enjoyed. 

The URL can be shared among other business users, friends, and family to share enjoyable moments.

The universe is filled with massive elements that interfere with your life. Similarly, there are few challenges with the Web AR app too. While the WebAR apps can be accessed on the majority of smartphones, the experience requires a decent internet speed to work well.

The browser caching cannot be benefited properly due to intensive experience comprising of 3D content and animations, resulting in lagging user experience. Not everyone knows the correct tools and techniques to develop the experience. 

Well, we provide you with the solution for that. Visit our website, to figure out the procedure. We provide you with a cost-effective platform with 14 days free trial. It will establish a strong base and enhance the quality of the experience that you want to create. This immersive technology is affordable and reliable for small o big business industries. It can be used for all the different kinds of industries. Education and health sectors use it more frequently than others. While many apps like Snapchat and Instagram offer huge customer interactions. WebAR is the new trend adopted by the tech industries.


With the increasing cases and lots of responsibility, schools and institutes have shifted education to clouds. Online education has taken away the baggage of schools and colleges. While students tend to get distracted by their surroundings, here is a way of learning. AR apps for education. Augmented reality is helping out educational institutes to cope with this pandemic. But before we begin let’s explore, how augmented reality can help online classes.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that brings imagination into the real world. AR app portraits 3D models, images, videos on to the real world. It doesn’t separate you from the real world like virtual reality, it brings the action to the real world. This can be achieved by using various devices which have pre-programmed AR apps or mobile devices by scanning the QR code. AR apps for education have recently come into the business. Many institutes have gone online and with AR, classes become more fun and interesting to deal with. the before action brings the action to the real world.

Why AR apps for education is essential for Online classes?

The education system is the top priority of every nation. Each time we share knowledge, we share our wisdom too. This educational system needs a more apt and fun way of teaching and learning, making it easier for kids to do better in life. With the developing technology, it becomes necessary to inculcate innovative ways of learning and gaining knowledge. 

Keeping this in mind and the Coronavirus situation, many institutes across the world have started taking online classes. Online classes help children to learn more. It takes less time and gives more impact. Online education is much more affordable. 

Students can learn better if they learn more practically and logically. Though education has become online, teaching with such facilities as 3D animations, videos, models, and many more makes it an excellent way of learning. The one way to achieve it is the AR apps for education.

According to studies, it is found that storytelling is the best way to teach. Children have become the masters of technology as they grow. To keep the session more engaging and interactive, educators need to understand AR technology. Augmented reality in online education eases out the process of engaging sessions with slideshows and different experiences. Educators across the world have started utilising useful Augmented Reality apps for education rather than sticking with a mundane education system. 


Most AR apps run on mobile phones/ smartphones which require no special type of equipment like a Holo lens or smart glasses. It makes the job easier for both teacher and student. This makes augmented reality more adaptive and effective at the same time. Students use a lot more of smartphones than textbooks. This brings more colours to technological aspects. One should find ways to steal this opportunity. Teachers can make use of online education while switching to Augmented Reality apps for education. 

AR technology has the potential to influence learning by incorporating effective teaching that supports the personalised goals of students. It is the most cost-effective solution to any online class as it involves more engagement and interaction among the students. It also promotes creativity and provokes imaginative thinking. Augmented Reality apps for education develops informative learning by making the environment more productive. 

How Online education is becoming more powerful with AR apps for education?

Online education is more effective and affordable. Unlike the usual times when the fees paid by parents are mostly for the infrastructure and the faculty. The prices of education must come down when infrastructure is eliminated. As we discuss the infrastructure, parents are more concerned if the education online is going to be just the lectures or will their children actually learn something. This brings us back to the technology and the importance of Augmented Reality apps in education. 

With effective visual representation, students are keener to learn about the subject. Inculcating these techniques in online education can boost up the knowledge retention process.

Professors need strong influencing techniques to teach students. AR in online education can be achieved with the PlugXR creator platform. This platform requires no code, no dependencies, less time, less cost and is user-friendly. With increasing finances, nobody wants to spend more than they have. 

Here is what all you need to create an AR app for education

A minimum budget with augmented reality might turn a small idea into big imaginative lessons. All you need is the power of channelising the thought in the right direction. Things you need for AR apps:

  1. An internet connection
  2. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets.
  3. AR apps (With the PlugXR platform)

How is PlugXR useful in the online classes with AR apps for education?

PlugXR as an augmented reality platform gives wings to your thoughts. It gives a meaningful and easy to understand platform to create 3D models, animations, videos for kids. It helps educators to develop imaginative experiences with augmented reality in education. 

One can start creating magic after fulfilling these requirements. Build AR apps for education by using the PlugXR platform. It is the one-stop platform for augmented reality, pushing all the boundaries of casual development which includes coding and dependencies with higher costs and low revenues. It might take more time than the PlugXR platform. Therefore, choose a smart and easy way of creating apps. PlugXR promises to generate apps within 5 mins. Experience creation involves lots of markers and their compatibility. 

PlugXR provides an asset library for smoother experience creation. Create meaningful sessions for the free-trial period to experience mesmerising augmented reality visuals online education. For an extended period, explore different plans that suit your budget. Log in to the website and create apps and experiences with innovative ideas. 

Help students understand certain methodologies with live sessions. Inculcate interactive sessions in online classes by creating colourful experiences. Scan the QR code while sharing your screen and there you go. A fun, creative, and easy way to teach students is to switch to AR apps for education. For more information, visit


The world is changing every minute or we can say every second. The increasing complexities need some simple yet effective solutions. Therefore, augmented reality steps in to tackle this problem. AR technology is one of the greatest innovations in the 21st century. It has changed the market drastically with unbelievable revenues. Leading brands tend to change their business strategies from just marketing to enabling Augmented Reality technology for the same. The gaps are being filled between the physical world and the digital world as Augmented Reality technology shoots up the business.

However, why should the industry acquire AR technology?

Augmented Reality is transforming the customer’s point of view as it brings more promising visual representation than ever before. Not only this, but it also kills the hesitation that a customer faces before buying a product. What looks complex and multifarious is simple and undemanding. AR technology is helping front-line workers to practice unknown techniques without the presence of a superior. Medical practitioners are utilizing Augmented Reality technology to master the human body anatomy. Augmented reality will proliferate stagnant businesses.

What industries can benefit from AR technology?

Instead of asking what industries can benefit from Augmented Reality technology, one should ask what can be lost if AR is not integrated into industries. The advancement of the digital world demands up-gradation of business strategies, and that’s why keeping up with the pace is vital for a successful business. There are ways and methods that businesses adopt for incorporating AR, but these categories almost help every industry. Let’s find out what the categories are.

Essential categories for any industry

  1. Training and education
  2. Design and prototype
  3. Marketing & sale
  4. Support & maintenance

Training and education

In the race of brand recognition, the foremost step is to train people. Training is the most essential step. Unfortunately, many industries skip it because of the high demand for trainers and educators. Hence, augmented reality technology bridges the gap between the two. It brings together the trainer and the trainee. AR has the power to superimpose digital information and graphics on the physical world, which helps new bees to learn and succeed. It eliminates the need for a person physically being present.

Design and prototype

The second crucial step is designing. We know that designing a project is the baby step to building an empire. Acing this step requires a huge amount of patience. While several attempts may not be the one, it almost squeezes the budget for all. This problem requires not a template on a paper solution. It needs an exceptionally real but superimposes design. This design is convertible if it’s not finalized, as it doesn’t require high dollars. It just demands augmented reality over high cost. It gives ease to the designer rather than rejection.

Marketing & sale

The third step that every business needs a command of, is marketing. A business can be established well, but to promote it and to be able to get revenue from it, is the next level of satisfaction. Many a time, marketing a brand becomes boring as customer no longer gets attracted to mundane marketing strategy. The new age looks for creativity in selling a product rather than the actual product. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to market the valuables correctly. The digital transformation brings 3D interactive models which escalate the business.

Support & maintenance

The fourth and last step is support & maintenance. While establishing a business needs super guidance and control, maintenance is the one we should focus on. Consider an example of an e-commerce company. Though selling a product is easy, but registering a complaint and work upon it is difficult. If the customer finds some flaws in the service then they might not visit again. Moreover, that’s the reason, one should always look back for the maintenance.


The four categories depict a lot about almost all industries. Now, we look at the different industries that can benefit from AR technology.

Automobile: When AR meets our journey!

Our mode of transportation is automobiles. We enjoy traveling because of the comfort. But how do we know what customers want? A simple 2D picture will not convey the idea behind selling that automobile. People often come for a test drive and then decide whether they want to invest in it or not. However, these practices can be replaced by on-spot 3D assistance. While it takes a plethora of people to explain every part of the vehicle, Augmented Reality technology makes it easy for the customer and the seller. It replaces an unlimited explanation with digital infographics. Augmented reality brings the customer closer to finally buying that automobile.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for Automobile Industry:

Education: When learning becomes a magical experience with AR

Students often miss out on important practice sessions due to the lack of equipment and professionals. Well, not anymore, with Augmented Reality technology a student can learn and explore everything. From difficult machines to simple experiments, everything can be mastered with augmented reality.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for Education Industry:

E-Commerce: When shopping turns out to be 3D

The big websites always try to sell products with just 2D images, however, customers search for something trustworthy. Just an image won’t sell that product. Therefore, customers should be attracted to powerful 3D animations and solid infographics. The presentation of a product matters more and helps to increase the sale by 70%.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for E-Commerce Industry:

Manufacturing: A practice for everyone with AR

The manufacturing industry is huge and complex. We see a lot of shift changes and people. Sometimes the new front-line workers need important assistance with the machines or usual workflows. However, due to the shortage of senior staff, their problem remains unattended. . The solution to this problem is augmented reality technology. You can see overlaid images and instructions that can guide you the way you want and a million times.

Case Study/Augmented Reality case study for Manufacturing Industry:

Many industries can take advantage of augmented reality technology. A film promotion can be fun with AR by portraying the trailers with augmented reality. Everything will appear in 3D format and leads to more creativity. Fans can get an on-spot experience of clicking pictures with their favorite character. This not only gives them extreme happiness but also promotes friendliness.

PlugXR as an augmented reality gives way to such businesses. It’s a platform for all industries creating an immersive impact on customer-driven businesses.