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No Coding Skills Required!


PlugXR Partners with PTC's Vuforia

PlugXR partners with PTC’s Vuforia to take AR experience to the next level.



One Stop Solution Platform for AR Apps & Experiences

PlugXR Creator with its easy drag and drop option allows users with or without programming skills to create AR applications & experiences for mobile and smart phones on Android, iOS and Web platforms.

  • Individuals
  • Creative
  • Non-developer
  • Developer
  • SME
  • Enterprises
  • Student
  • Academic
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PlugXR App

PlugXR App is a one stop solution for experiential marketing to reach-out larger audience by enabling Augmented Reality campaigns. You can publish your AR campaign in PlugXR GO and reach out to the world in minutes.

- No Coding Required

  • Brands
  • Any Products
  • Any Services
  • Marketer
  • Advertisers
  • Looking for viral reach

PlugXR Ecosystem

One Stop Access to the World of AR

PlugXR is an appropriate tool for businesses to get access to the world of Augmented Reality with tons of features assisting to create AR experiences in quick time.


Create AR Campaign

PlugXR Creator platform helps build an AR campaign that is memorable, easily shareable, offering distinct view point thus creating everlasting brand-connect with the audience.

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Create Your Own App

PlugXR Creator, equipped with essential features, guides you to create your own AR app in simple steps, thus ensuring to empower you with cutting-edge solutions.

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News Updates

PLUGXR is a one-stop access to the world of Augmented Reality. Packed with tons of features, to assist in the creation of quick and easy AR experiences, it’s just the right tool to flesh out your business creatively.

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Expands AR Market for Everyone with NO Coding Skills

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AR App in Minutes with Rich Multimedia Content

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