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PlugXR Augments Industries

Revolutionary Productive tool for every industry
PlugXR’s unbelievably simple development process and revolutionary features ensures mainstream adoption and
acceptance of Augmented Reality by significantly contributing to all verticals of major industries.


The wide adoption of Augmented Reality applications in automotive industry is imperative owing to its thin margin and ROI. Car manufacturers leverage AR, enabling customers to interact with customized digital vehicles showroom experience in high detail before going for a virtual test drive and purchase decision.

Advertising & Marketing

The power of Augmented Reality promises to create an innovatively immersive marketing campaign that optimizes advertising efforts resulting in making a memorable brand engagement with consumers thus leveraging AR as an integral part of business strategy.


Augmented Reality technology brings subjects to 3D life, thus becoming a persuasive storytelling medium set to shape the learning curve experiences helping educators enhance educational engagement amongst continuous learners, whether it is a student’s classroom or a billionaire’s boardroom.

Print & Publication

The new-age consumer does not stop only at consumption but goes beyond, by rating the entire experience of owning the product to usage of service. To meet this kind of customer sensibility, manufacturers are adopting a more innovative approach of integrating Augmented Reality into print media ads.

Travel & Tourism

The Augmented Reality’s technological potential is all set to revolutionize the tourism industry with its unique and meaningful implementation attracting the modern tourists to visit popular destinations worldwide.


Whether it is a department store, a beauty outlet, a cosmetic product or a snack bar shop – retail can take many forms and the power of Augmented Reality arms the brands to innovate their stores to establish an interactive and engaging shopping experience to its customers.


The challenges of the fashion industry for continuous innovation can only be met by the deployment of Augmented Reality on its globally online or offline stores enhancing the AR experience of the consumer before taking a buying decision.

Creator Features

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