Christmas-themed marketing around this time of the year is almost inevitable. Marketers have been rolling out creative content -tactically redefining product prices, offering discounts, and adding a little fun to generate interest. However, AR Christmas campaign ideas could be the best approach this year. When you bind together lucrative discount offers with equally captivating AR experiences, it is likely to elevate customers’ interest in the product.

Per consumer insights for 2023, 49% of customers want promotional offers from brands they like. And they appreciate it a lot if you couple it with holiday charm. In 2022, holiday retail sales peaked at $943-$960 billion. NRF

With immersive technology like Augmented Reality making its way into amplifying campaigns, the numbers are likely to go up significantly this year.

5 AR Christmas ideas you must look up to this holiday season

Let us review 5 Christmas Augmented Reality ideas that can add magic to your holiday campaign:

1. Augmented Reality Christmas Card

It has been by far the most appreciated Augmented Reality idea to excite dear ones. You can employ a similar idea to surprise your customers. Sending personalized AR Christmas greeting cards could mean a lot, strengthening the branding and loyalty aspect of your brand. With a summarized list of songs played throughout the year and a personalized playlist, Spotify has done a nice job of making its users feel special. A similar approach worked for Facebook in the past with “Your Year in Review”. With augmented reality added, you can be a step ahead, having the edge.

Imagine sending more than just a traditional greeting card this holiday season. AR can turn your holiday wishes into an immersive experience. Users can create personalized AR greeting cards that come to life. With PlugXR, you can add elements like falling snowflakes, animated characters, or even a festive jingle. It makes your AR-powered Christmas greetings unforgettable.

2. Christmas AR Filter

Face filters have been the favorites of younger generations on Snapchat and Instagram. And if your target users are these young millennials, the Christmas AR Filter can be a clever approach.

​​You can take your audience on a visual journey with Christmas-themed AR filters. Let them transform into Santa Claus, Rudolph, or even a dancing snowman. Let them apply it to their selfies or videos, creating shareable moments that embrace the holiday spirit.

These filters are something your users are already familiar with, and hence, they will embrace them wholeheartedly. 

3. Augmented Reality Santa Claus

Santa Claus is known to bring joy to the festive season. You can create a story around the attributes of a Santa to infuse its charm into your AR. Craft an interactive narrative where Santa embarks on a journey, delivering gifts and spreading joy.

Think of adding interactive charm. Consider adding an animated 3D model of a Santa dancing to jingle bells, a gift distributor, a charmer, but at the end of it all, a man of complete action – an entertainer. 

4. Augmented Reality Christmas Tree

Also, among the things that signify Christmas is a Christmas tree. A nicely crafted experience featuring a Christmas tree as the primary asset can turn the centerpiece of holiday décor into an AR wonderland. You can design experiences where users interact with a virtual Christmas tree. From decorating the tree with virtual ornaments to triggering animations with a tap, this idea offers a delightful way to celebrate the joy of decorating for the season.

5. Portals – AR Christmas Scenes

With Augmented Reality portal experiences, people can visit other worlds from the comfort of their home. It is like a door that opens into a simulated 3-dimensional environment.

Using the same concept, you can create a Christmas-themed AR experience with the festive charm of elements that signify the event. It can be a festive scene, with the likes of snowfall, a joyful Santa, an overwhelming collection of gifts, Christmas trees, and a lot more! 

AR campaigns are proving to raise the bar for marketers across all sectors. With traditional marketing and advertising, outperforming in terms of KPIs could be difficult. AR campaign ideas could bolster your campaign efforts and help achieve the desired numbers – from reach to engagement to sales and post that in reducing product return rate. So, if you are up for an overwhelming response to your campaigns this Christmas, sign up for the PlugXR Platform to avail yourself of festive discounts across dynamic plans!


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