WebAR is evolving in its adoption with endless possibilities of applications across businesses. It is estimated to have a market share of $21 billion by 2024. It is more than 5 times the $3.98 billion in 2019. The simplified approach of creating Augmented Reality experiences makes it easy to adopt. No-code WebAR platforms have made it simpler than ever. Moreover, unlike app-based approaches, one can access it on browsers without installing an app.  

What is WebAR?

WebAR refers to the type of AR that allows viewers to view and experience AR directly through their Web Browsers via URLs without using any specific platform or mobile application. It has a major advantage over apps-based AR and headset-based XR experiences and thus will see better growth going ahead. 

Best WebAR Platforms to try in 2024

To make it more accessible, in the past few years, many reliable Web AR platforms have evolved. 

This blog talks about the 15 best WebAR platforms you can consider if you want to create Web-based AR with or without code based on your knowledge and expertise.

1. Zapworks

Zapworks is a user-friendly tool for creating immersive Web-based AR experiences with a no-code solution called Designer and a code-based solution called Studio. It also provides a computer vision library for analytics and tracking for more complicated models and AR services.

2. PlugXR

PlugXR has an intuitive interface for building XR solutions. However, its WebAR capabilities are noteworthy, especially with 8thWall integration. With 200% better stability in its recent update, it is something to try and explore. Its affordability is another aspect that makes it value for money. Tracking includes image tracking, surface tracking, cylindrical tracking, face tracking, and hand tracking, among others, facilitating the creation of engaging AR web-based campaigns. Additionally, its lower learning curve allows people with no prior knowledge in the AR domain to create their own WebAR content on the go.

3. 8th Wall

8th Wall offers developer tools, including a cloud-based code editor, AR engine, and World Tracking and Image Target templates. It is a popular and favored platform for creating WebAR solutions. However, technical know-how is required to employ its SDK efficiently. 

4. Overlay App

This web-based AR platform is an excellent choice if you focus on creating WebAR image targets and surface targets. While it specializes in AR art, it also offers solutions across use cases like eCommerce, education & learning, and marketing, among other applications. It usually offers a 14-day free trial and can be a good pick if you want to augment your art.

5. Blippar

Blippar is an AR platform specializing in AR and computer vision solutions for advertising, print, and entertainment. The platform supports image and object recognition, surface tracking, and cross-platform AR content creation for mobile and web apps.

6. UniteAR App Creator

This platform allows you to create WebAR for white-labeled AR Apps and plugins, making zero-coding custom AR App creation effortless. According to their claim, their main aim is to make AR accessible to everyone, regardless of their programming background.

7. Onirix

Onirix offers an intuitive platform for creating professional web AR experiences without technical knowledge using simple drop-down tools. It supports the creation of AR content such as 3D models, videos, interactive elements, and geolocated maps.

8. XR+

XR+ is a top cloud-based, no-coding web-based AR platform with diverse possibilities for 3D content creation. It covers basic features like world, image, and object tracking. Additional modules include alpha blending for video background extraction, movement detection, hand tracking, and 360 image view for virtual portals. This platform requires a short tutorial for complete beginners in the field.

9. Hololink

Hololink is one of the few web AR platforms with an intuitive browser-based editor for creating AR experiences with quick prototyping. The platform emphasizes user-centered design, access to thousands of 3D models, and seamless integration between phone and web to be used by their users.


BUNDLAR is also among some of the easy-to-use Web AR platforms that allow organizations to quickly create, edit, and deploy augmented reality experiences. The no-code platform includes a CMS, API, and free experiential learning, training, and marketing apps.

11. Vossle

Vossle is a DIY platform for creating WebAR experiences in less than a minute. It supports Tryon Experiences, AR Games, and Green Screen Chroma Key videos, catering to marketers, Edutech players, and e-commerce for product visualizations. You can create quality AR content easily on Vossle.

12. Enklu

Enklu’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor simplifies the creation of immersive AR/VR experiences tailored to users with little to no 3D experience. The platform stores content in the cloud, enabling real-time collaboration with the other members of the team and integration with industry-standard workflows.

13. EasyAR

EasyAR offers relocalization functionality to create suitable AR content, cloud-based recognition services, and powerful motion-tracking capabilities. It focuses on providing comprehensive and scalable enterprise AR solutions for brands and marketing agencies utilizing their service.

14. Plattar

Plattar is a 3D and AR product experience platform that allows for the quick and easy creation of stunning AR visualizations. It is based on a no-code approach, a content management system, and remote collaboration capabilities. These features make it easy for beginners to try their hands on WebAR.

15. Vuforia 

Vuforia provides a comprehensive and scalable enterprise AR platform with solutions tailored to meet various business needs. Its main services and tools are advanced and cost-effective AR content development solutions for industrial enterprises, focusing on workforce challenges and business goals.

All of these WebAR platforms have distinct features and allow users to develop AR solutions. Also, a lot of them are widening the use of WebAR technology with no-code, drag-and-drop features. It will likely enable designers and other creators to equip themselves with additional skills and bolster their efforts in creating projects that captivate users.

WebAR is evolving in demand with users getting fascinated with its countless possibilities. So, if you are looking for a WebAR platform that provides value for your money, is easy to use, and reliable, PlugXR Platform could be your pick, with its forever-free version available. Choosing the best web AR platform is important after all as it determines the quality and suitability of the AR models created for your campaign. If you are beginning to explore AR, start with a free web AR platform and upgrade later.


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