From the past few decades, technology has been continuously progressing toward the betterment of experiences. Apps have come into the picture as many multinational companies and start-ups are developing new products. Augmented Reality is growing faster than the others in the market. It will generate huge traffic in the coming years. Most of the apps developed these days take a lot of space and time. A better option is to switch to augmented reality on the web. A great amount of the crowd prefers browsers over apps. In this blog, we will understand much about WebAR.

Why are augmented reality apps developed?

Any new company focuses on a wide range of the population. It tries to target as many as possible, and in that search, they tend to develop apps. Apps are important, as they help consumers to gain knowledge about the company and various other information about the same. Augmented reality was developed for the same purpose of promotion and reaching out to several examples if your company wants to promote a product through some experiences and you decided to develop an app. But many people tend to swipe it off because apps take up space and require a specific kind of device. Whereas, if you provide a link to the consumers, they can open it anytime and explore their options. 

Switching from apps to websites is a crucial point for any business. On a personal note, installing an app is a commitment, but visiting a website is not. It’s as easy as searching for something on Google.  


Can augmented reality be experienced on the web?

It is easy to answer this question. Augmented reality is a holistic and animated world. It can be viewed by any means of devices. Many developers have developed applications worldwide to help consumers. But the augmented reality on the web is so convincing that a new bee can understand and use it for promotions, experiences, and many more. 

An important fact is that it is absolutely easy to access any experience on the browser.

How to view experiences on the browser?

Unambiguously, open the camera of your smartphone, scan the QR code or open the web browser and paste the link of the experience that you want to see. 

Depending on the speed of the internet, your gadget will showcase the beautiful augmented reality experience on the go. 

It is just that simple. A consumer can try an e-commerce app and then try this augmented reality on the web. It is 100% sure that he will choose a website over an app.

Why is this technology hyped?

Some technology comes and goes, showing their features and specialties, while some come and rule all over the technology. Augmented reality on the web is one such ruler. It is hyped because:

  1. This doesn’t require space: While many apps struggle for installation, augmented reality is performing out of the box. It has crossed the limit. You don’t need space of 5MB or 7MB to experience a product. It saves a lot of space on your device be it Android or IOS. 
  2. Version updates are out of the picture: Well it is understood that if you install an app, it will ask for an upgrade. Be it a simple app or a complex. With time, new updates require new versions. But it is the opposite of augmented reality on the web. Forget about these specifications. It will just ask you for the link or QR code and you are good to go.
  3.  Saves time: When you install an app, you are not sure if it will open just immediately after installation. First, go to the App Store or Play Store, search for that app, and finally download it. Wait for the app to be installed, and then let the gadget do a security check and enter the application. This whole procedure is to view one experience. Isn’t it too much work? Let’s act smart and click on a link instead. Get ahead of time and switch to augmented reality on the web.
  4. Less data usage: If you are on mobile data, then please avoid installing apps on the go. It will squeeze out the data for viewing just one product. Say hello to scannable links. It requires less data and allows users to view multiple experiences with limited data. 

There are a lot more advantages to using augmented reality on the web than installing the application. 

How does augmented reality on the Web increase interactions?

A simple algorithm will show that people like simple tasks and avoid complicated processes. While many experiences look cooler with the installation of apps, it is too much work for a user. A user generally hopes for an easy solution for the first time at least. Therefore, he will click on the link and then click on the install button. It will drastically increase the interaction as it avoids the delay and gives quick access and, that too with less data usage.


How to create experiences of augmented reality on the web?

A new user of this technology will find it daunting to create such beautiful experiences for the first time. But we at PlugXR provide a holistic solution at a go. Visit our platform,, and sign up with the platform. Start by selecting the surface or image target and start creating experiences.

One can utilize the library presented by the PlugXR platform because it is a drag-and-drop procedure. The asset section provides a complete picture of the experiences. While the user can also use their models and images by matching them to the file formats accepted by the platform. Watch tutorials to understand better: 

A click on the Save button will allow you to share the link with other consumers. It will also allow you to publish your AR work. Augmented reality on the web has become a new trend and will change the reality of marketing with just a link.



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