When Online classes meet AR Apps for education!

With the increasing cases and lots of responsibility, schools and institutes have shifted education to clouds. Online education has taken away the baggage of schools and colleges. While students tend to get distracted by their surroundings, here is a way of learning. AR apps for education. Augmented reality is helping out educational institutes to cope with this pandemic. But before we begin let’s explore, how augmented reality can help online classes.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality is a technology that brings imagination into the real world. AR app portraits 3D models, images, videos on to the real world. It doesn’t separate you from the real world like virtual reality, it brings the action to the real world. This can be achieved by using various devices which have pre-programmed AR apps or mobile devices by scanning the QR code. AR apps for education have recently come into the business. Many institutes have gone online and with AR, classes become more fun and interesting to deal with. the before action brings the action to the real world.

Why AR apps for education is essential for Online classes?

The education system is the top priority of every nation. Each time we share knowledge, we share our wisdom too. This educational system needs a more apt and fun way of teaching and learning, making it easier for kids to do better in life. With the developing technology, it becomes necessary to inculcate innovative ways of learning and gaining knowledge. 

Keeping this in mind and the Coronavirus situation, many institutes across the world have started taking online classes. Online classes help children to learn more. It takes less time and gives more impact. Online education is much more affordable. 

Students can learn better if they learn more practically and logically. Though education has become online, teaching with such facilities as 3D animations, videos, models, and many more makes it an excellent way of learning. The one way to achieve it is the AR apps for education.

According to studies, it is found that storytelling is the best way to teach. Children have become the masters of technology as they grow. To keep the session more engaging and interactive, educators need to understand AR technology. Augmented reality in online education eases out the process of engaging sessions with slideshows and different experiences. Educators across the world have started utilising useful Augmented Reality apps for education rather than sticking with a mundane education system. 


Most AR apps run on mobile phones/ smartphones which require no special type of equipment like a Holo lens or smart glasses. It makes the job easier for both teacher and student. This makes augmented reality more adaptive and effective at the same time. Students use a lot more of smartphones than textbooks. This brings more colours to technological aspects. One should find ways to steal this opportunity. Teachers can make use of online education while switching to Augmented Reality apps for education. 

AR technology has the potential to influence learning by incorporating effective teaching that supports the personalised goals of students. It is the most cost-effective solution to any online class as it involves more engagement and interaction among the students. It also promotes creativity and provokes imaginative thinking. Augmented Reality apps for education develops informative learning by making the environment more productive. 

How Online education is becoming more powerful with AR apps for education?

Online education is more effective and affordable. Unlike the usual times when the fees paid by parents are mostly for the infrastructure and the faculty. The prices of education must come down when infrastructure is eliminated. As we discuss the infrastructure, parents are more concerned if the education online is going to be just the lectures or will their children actually learn something. This brings us back to the technology and the importance of Augmented Reality apps in education. 

With effective visual representation, students are keener to learn about the subject. Inculcating these techniques in online education can boost up the knowledge retention process.

Professors need strong influencing techniques to teach students. AR in online education can be achieved with the PlugXR creator platform. This platform requires no code, no dependencies, less time, less cost and is user-friendly. With increasing finances, nobody wants to spend more than they have. 

Here is what all you need to create an AR app for education

A minimum budget with augmented reality might turn a small idea into big imaginative lessons. All you need is the power of channelising the thought in the right direction. Things you need for AR apps:

  1. An internet connection
  2. Mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets.
  3. AR apps (With the PlugXR platform)

How is PlugXR useful in the online classes with AR apps for education?

PlugXR as an augmented reality platform gives wings to your thoughts. It gives a meaningful and easy to understand platform to create 3D models, animations, videos for kids. It helps educators to develop imaginative experiences with augmented reality in education. 

One can start creating magic after fulfilling these requirements. Build AR apps for education by using the PlugXR platform. It is the one-stop platform for augmented reality, pushing all the boundaries of casual development which includes coding and dependencies with higher costs and low revenues. It might take more time than the PlugXR platform. Therefore, choose a smart and easy way of creating apps. PlugXR promises to generate apps within 5 mins. Experience creation involves lots of markers and their compatibility. 

PlugXR provides an asset library for smoother experience creation. Create meaningful sessions for the free-trial period to experience mesmerising augmented reality visuals online education. For an extended period, explore different plans that suit your budget. Log in to the website and create apps and experiences with innovative ideas. 

Help students understand certain methodologies with live sessions. Inculcate interactive sessions in online classes by creating colourful experiences. Scan the QR code while sharing your screen and there you go. A fun, creative, and easy way to teach students is to switch to AR apps for education. For more information, visit

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