Education has always been on the lookout for innovative ways to improve how kids learn. After all, it’s all about simplifying how you present complex details. In doing so, we moved from paper pens and chalkboards to practical demonstrations. However, it might not be feasible to demonstrate everything. Imagine you want to show kids the intricacies of heart functions, want them to travel in time to a place of historical importance, or feel the severity of a bomb attack in a war setting. AR apps for education are doing away with these limitations so efficiently that you’ll embrace adding them to your learning process.

With some great AR apps education companies have built, users can leverage virtual settings to experience things that otherwise are not possible. Think of walking around the solar system or the seven wonders of the world standing on your lawn that you otherwise would see in books. All of these are possible with AR apps for education.

Today, this blog will talk about a list of the top 8 Augmented Reality apps for education free and paid, that make the learning experience immersive! 

AR apps for education that make learning immersive

In the last few years, augmented reality as a technology has been picking up in its adoption, especially web-based augmented reality (or WebAR). However, we’ve seen a huge fanbase for apps as well, especially in education. Let us have a look at the top 8 Augmented Reality apps for education built for learners that simplify and enhance how learning content is consumed.



Scifikids was introduced to provide kids aged 3-5 years old with experiential learning. It aims at making learning fun for younger kids. They have both Android and iOS apps created in partnership with PlugXR. You can install Scifikids on your phone or tablet to let your kids experience their course curriculum in 3D and Augmented Reality. All you need to do is purchase their kits from Amazon, Snapdeal, or Scifikids’ website – hardcopy or a PDF. The kits have alphabets. When you scan them through the Scifikids mobile app, objects pop up in 3D and AR.

Also, it is a coloring app that lets kids fill in colors in the drawings. These are available in the kits they offer. You can use these colored drawings as markers to bring them live in 3D and AR.

2. Wonderscope

The Wonderscope app is an iOS application that transforms a place by adding 3D and AR content, making education interactive and interesting. Also, they received several awards for their innovative approach to upgrade learning.   

However, the limitation of this app is that you can access it only on iPhones and iPads. And there is no update if they’re coming up with an Android version.

3. CoSpace Edu

The idea behind CoSpace Edu is not just to let students consume AR content but also to let them create on their own. The app aims at empowering the students to become creators.

An institution can collaborate with them to integrate AR and other innovative stuff into their classroom that enhances their learning experience and lets them create 3D and AR projects on the go with and without coding.

4. Quiver

Quiver ar apps for education

Image Credit :Quiver

Quiver is for relatively younger students. A coloring app that lets kids get creative. When installing the Quiver app on a phone or tablet, users have to download trigger images (also called markers). All your kid has to do is fill in the color of the outlined drawings. By pointing the camera at the drawings, you can see the objects in it, animals, trees, balls, and whatnot come alive in 3D and in your space (above the marker). 

5. Math Alive

Augmented reality in education can go far beyond coloring apps. Some educational institutions are leveraging the technology to enhance STEM learning. One such organization that adds interest to learning Math is Math Live.

It is another cool app that adds interest to learning mathematics right when kids start to learn. They have added 86 math concepts to their curriculum kits. It uses AR and game ideas to make learning easy for PreK and Kindergarten kids. 

6. Assemblr

Assemblr Edu helps institutions add spark to their traditional classroom with immersive and interactive content ideas. Educators can recreate academic content in 3D and AR. While teachers can create immersive content for students to explore, it also allows students to become creators themselves. It offers a free basic plan and premium plans that provide value to students and educators.

So, if you are looking to explore the tech or ready to put in a few bucks, you can try this affordable app. It can be the starting point for you to take inspiration from before building your own.

7. Merge Cube

Merge Edu app unlocks magic for education. It lets you augment your real space with 3D objects with the help of AR. So you can place and see them in your palm, hold them in your hand, and interact with them. Imagine rotating a 3D globe in your hands, a chirping bird, or seeing a dissecting virtual frog. All of these make STEM education better than ever.

8. Complete Anatomy 2024

This app is handy for medical students or those interested in Biology, especially human anatomy. It completely amplifies how one learns about the human body.

You can take a close look into the human body, the various organs, and their dissection, all in a high-quality 3D view.

You can view them by placing them in your own space using its AR features.

multiuser ar-ar-apps-for-education

Reading textbooks is boring, especially for younger students. Thus, textbooks are designed such that they have enough images and diagrams to not just make complex explanations simple but also to hold the attention of the readers and make them sit for a longer time. Augmented reality apps for education and learning are a step forward in this respect. AR content is attention-grabbing and engaging and, at the same time, does ten times better in knowledge retention than images and diagrams. If you are looking to integrate augmented reality into your classroom and create cool AR apps like Scifikids and others on the list, consider signing up for the PlugXR Platform or book a free demo now!


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