Version 4.0 – PlugXR’s Features update

Technology is enhancing the quality of life and helping us discover more. With these advancements, PlugXR has recently launched its new features (Version 4.0) which will elevate the quality of the AR experience. 

PlugXR is adding 11 new features for better AR solutions as well as to get greater control over the quality of AR experiences.

The new capabilities include:

  1. Geo Anchors
  2. Area Targets
  3. 3D Converters
  4. 3D Pivot Point (Centre of the rotation point) 
  5. Test view before publish
  6. Own Server Integration 
  7. Save As a template 
  8. Groups
  9. Time Intervals
  10. HDRI environmental maps
  11. Highlights and names

Features Update Version 4.0

Let’s see more about each of the above features.

1. Geo Anchors:

When we look back at advertisements, we realize big posters and hoardings were the sources of promotions. With AR technology, one can create anchor points at different locations using cloud-based technology and create AR content around the anchor. This one feature will help users to tag along with the new products or details of the product easily with just a scan.



Marketing agencies can replace big hoardings and posters with this Geo anchor for brand recognition and promotions.

2. Area Targets:

Many times we miss out on the interior navigation of a particular place. For example, using Google Maps we reach our destination and consider a factory, but to find out where the main departmental office is or a particular room, we struggle and disturb others on our way. 

PlugXR presents area targets that focus on indoor navigation. Just like the Marauder’s Map (Harry Potter reference), now you can also track down the interiors of a building or space.



One of the best applications for area targets is Indoor Navigation where the inside of the building or space can be visualized using AR technology with PlugXR.

Contact us at and get early access to try the Area Target AR Feature.

3. Converters(3D):

Now convert 3D models from PLY, WRL, & X3D into PlugXR-supported formats. With these extended formats, now you can grab any 3D model from these formats to create AR experiences. You can access our converters from here:


A wide variety of models from any format like OBJ, FBX, GLTF, GLB, DAE, STL, PLY, WRL, and X3D can be converted into PlugXR-supported formats. This will initiate an extensive experience of 3D models.

4. Pivot Point(3D):

Pivot in simple terms is known as the center position point. When we talk about AR technology, we use a lot of  3D models. Every 3D has a central position around which actions and events can be designed. 3D Pivot Point helps us define the central position of a model and control the model’s rotation and animation. 

Each model has 6 sides or faces, those are front, back, top, bottom, right, and left. Each face or side has 9 center points. 



For any 3D model, we have a central position, this center position helps in fixing the position of the rotation. 

When models are imported from other platforms, they have an inbuilt center point, which hinders our functions. PlugXR helps to eradicate such troubles by introducing the 3D pivot points. 

5. Test View:

PlugXR presents the exclusive feature of Test view where you can view your created experiences before publishing the final project. 



Test View is like a preview that helps you to identify the issues before publishing it. Last looks and touch-ups can be added if we can view the output of the experience. This can be done using Test View.

6. Own Server Integration:

With this version update, PlugXR is easing out the server integration. You can now have your server. We won’t be storing any of your data.



Own server integration will help to access your assets from your server. 


For setting up your server, you need to fill in these columns:

  • Base URL
  • Authorization Token
  • Get Model API
  • Get Model by code API
  • Post Model API

7. Save as a template:

You might have created some experiences that are so great that you want to use them again but unfortunately, there is no option to save them. PlugXR brings this feature of saving your experiences as a template. 



Templates help you to strategize your work effectively. You don’t have to do the extra work of creating the same experiences again and again. 

8. Groups:

Groups are created to standardize the actions. Example: If you want to give the same action for two models, you can directly group them into one. PlugXR helps you to give common actions for different models.



Making groups can save a lot of time. It gives the same action for all the assets selected under a group. The advantage of this feature is that all assets that are grouped will be acting at the same time. There will be no time difference and the action will be performed smoothly.

9. Time Intervals:

This feature of increased time intervals is added in the animations. Now, with PlugXR, you can create animation for 10 mins. 



Big experiences that require detailed explanations with animations require more than 1 min. PlugXR increases the experience time by 10 mins. This will help big projects to accommodate all necessary steps in one.

10. HDRI Environmental Maps:

Every model in 3D technology looks fake until and unless it has a reflection of the real environment. There is where PlugXR steps in to introduce high-quality 360 images for the environment. 



Now, you can use high-quality 360 images for real-time experience through correct reflections. These reflections will help the model to appear like a real object in the real world.

11. Highlights and Names:

Earlier finding the pointer was a little difficult, but now. PlugXR has introduced the highlighter along with the name of the asset.



When you hover over the asset, that particular asset will be highlighted and its name will appear. This will help in performing further actions like animations, events, etc.


PlugXR is super excited to launch this version with so many features update that will help you create more realistic experiences. Stay tuned for more.

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