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Top 5 Drag and Drop AR Platforms

February 18, 2020 | Augmented Reality | No Comments


Augmented Reality can be considered as one of the biggest technology trends that will let the real-life environment right in front of us. AR platform has the capability to appear in an existing environment and add videos, graphics, and sounds to it. Augmented Reality not just brings fun for your photos but also plays a vital role in different industries and mobile marketing. It has a lot of industrial and professional levels of applications. This can range from virtual environments for shopping to space exploration. There are many people who are using it in the form of editing photos/ videos and using it for face filters.

Augmented Reality gets into the lives of most of the people through tablets and phones. It will allow you to place 3D models in a real environment with or without the use of trackers. Trackers can be considered as the images that are attached to 3D Models in Augmented Reality.  In this blog, we have listed the top drag and drop Augmented Reality platforms that will give a new and unique look to your brand or business.

List of top drag and drop AR Platforms :   

PlugXR AR Platform –

PlugXR is a very simple cloud-based Augmented Reality platform which provides a very simple drag and drop interface. It gives you the power to create experiences and apps for iOS and Android without any coding knowledge. It provides a wide range of multimedia content like Video, Audio, Text, 3D/ 2D Image, Social Media Links, HTML pages and Weblinks. This platform gives you the option to publish your own white label app, or into a PlugXR App and integrate it into an existing app. PlugXR works great with popular AR SDKs like Apple’s ARKit, Google’s ARCore, Vuforia and others which are compatible with the Unity 3D engine. It will help to create seamless Augmented Reality experiences within minutes using popular AR SDKs.

Wikitude AR Platform

This tool will allow developers to render and import 3D objects with the help of SLAM technology. Wikitude is dependent on the multiple libraries and scripts such as Xamarin, Cordova, Unity 3D, JavaScript API, Native API, and also Titanium. It is compatible with all the platforms which offer a freemium product. It offers the free version with watermarks. This tool is very widely used with newbies as it allows managing, organizing, and adding virtual objects without any coding knowledge required. This platform is bundled with many features that include smart glasses integration, Image recognition, and tracking, 3D recognition and tracking, Cloud recognition, integration with external plugins and location-based services.


Roar AR Platform –

ROAR is a cloud-based augmented reality platform that will allow you to publish and create AR content using ARKit, ARCore, Image Marker, WebAR, and Facebook 3D. It is specially designed for brands, Agencies, Retailers and other ordinary users. It will allow you to easily drag and drop or upload your .zip archive with the elements. It is a very user-friendly platform that will simply allow you to drag and drop their assets and create their experience with just a few clicks. It not only provides 3D models but also has Videos, Audios, Images, Text, Call-to-Action buttons and also animations. You can easily create your experience with ARCore and ARKit technologies.

Scope AR –

Scope AR allows developing AR products and solutions for different industries like training, maintenance, and manufacturing. This platform helps to record the insights and analytics from session recordings that play a very important role in the improvement of processes. There is no technical or coding knowledge required to create the experiences.


Scapic is easy to use the AR platform that allows you to explore, create and share immersive experiences. It will help to build connections with your audience and get good conversions from the landing page. It will help to create AR experience and 3D content without any coding knowledge by simply dragging and dropping. You can build the experience right from the web browser which does not require any end app installation to view the experience. It provides a visual interface for non-technical people for building detailed scapes or experiences.


What is PlugXR Creator?

PlugXR Creator is compatible with all SDKs that are designed to build, create, publish and test different Augmented reality experiences and apps. It is suitable for all the industries, brands and even normal users. It provides a very easy interface. The creator of PlugXR provides a very simple drag and drop option. This allows people to create AR experiences and applications without any technical knowledge. It is compatible with all the devices and smartphones like iOS, Android and even the Web platforms. It provides many other features like:

  1. Supports cross-platform development which is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.
  2. PlugXR supports different SDKs like ARCore, ARKit, and Vuforia.
  3. There is no technical knowledge required for creating the experience and provides easy drag and drop options.
  4. It can be easily managed anywhere from the internet as it is a cloud-based platform.
  5. For better understanding, it provides advanced analytics and insights option.

If you want to create your augmented reality experience with great ease then the above-listed drag and drop AR platforms will surely play a very important role. Let us know if we are missing any important Drag and Drop options in the comment section.

augmented-reality- platforms

Augmented Reality has been a trending topic in software development circles for many years. AR showcases the real and physical world in which the elements are augmented by computer-generated input. It is a technology that overlays digital information like text, video, and sound onto the view of the real world. AR can be considered a great way to boost engagement and create realistic experiences with products. If the stats are to be believed, the demand for AR app will see a vast increase in the next three to five years. It really becomes very difficult to know where to begin the search for the best-augmented reality platform in the market. Augmented Reality SDK can be considered as a very important software engine for creating new AR Apps. There are many companies that are taking new initiatives to extend their reach to customers across the globe. It is very important to find the type of Augmented Reality you want for your brand or business. AR offers very engaging experiences that will help to blend virtual objects with the real world. Here we have compiled the top Augmented Reality Platforms in 2020


Onirix provides a complete AR experience for the events as well as campaigns. It will allow you to manage and host your AR content in a quick and easy way.It can be considered as one of the best publishing tools for Print, WebAR, and social media. It also offers a white labeling feature for events and campaigns. 


ViewAR is an open-source augmented reality software that comes with a wide range of features. It includes features such as application development, 3D product visualization, application development,content creation, object recognition and many more. This augmented platform helps to move around the virtual objects and also view them on the right scale.


ROAR is a SaaS-based platform that allows publishing and creating AR content using ARKit, ARCore, WebAR, Image Marker, and Facebook 3D. It provides a very interactive AR experience that runs great on mobile devices. It simplifies the AR creation process that eliminates the need of having developers and enhances the experience. 



PlugXR is a cloud-based AR SaaS platform that supports images, animations, calls to actions and many other advanced features. It helps to enhance your experience and feel with a simple drag and drop option without any dependency on a developer. It is bundled with many great features and provides a cross SDK feature that will easily allow shifting from one SDK to another without losing any development data.

Waking App:

WakingApp is an Augmented reality platform that helps professionals to easily and rapidly create AR experiences with very less coding knowledge. There is a simple drag and drop command to make the AR creations. It offers very easy and smooth integration with the existing apps. You can instantly update your app at any time without any need to create an entirely new app.

Comparison between PlugXR and other Augmented Reality Platforms:

Waking AppOnirixViewARRoarPlugXR
Automatic.APK, IPA generationNoNoNoNoYes
Custom Animations CreationNoNoNoNoYes
SDK’s MigrationNoNoNoNoYes
Multiple SDK’s SupportAR Core, AR KitNoNoYesYes
Full 3D SupportYesYesYesYesYes

What makes PlugXR different from other Augmented Reality Platforms?

PlugXR is not just eliminating the technical skills and cost, but also provides with a lot of other unique features which made us stand out from competitors, Such as:

  1. Since it’s a Cloud-Based Platform that will allow you to access the platform anywhere over the internet, also you can add your other team members to work on your project remotely.
  2. Eliminates the need of installing Android Studio, XCODE and Unity3D to get App Store & Play Store ready files.
  3. You can build an AR app by choosing any of the AR SDKs like ARCore, ARKit, Vuforia and many other SDK’s (Multiple AR SDK’s Support), this will allow you to migrate from one SDK to another SDK without losing your data.
  4. The platform supports All Types of Assets
  5. You can create Complex AR Experiences including advanced interactions.
  6. it’s a true Zero Coding platform
  7. It provides with advanced Analytics & Reports

Creating Augmented Reality Platforms using PlugXR:

PlugXR is a cloud-based AR SaaS platform to create amazing Augmented Reality Apps with greater ease and simplicity. Follow the below steps for Creating AR using PlugXR Platform.

Login to plugxr.com >> Create your AR experience by drag and drop >> publish your experience in your own Whitelabel app or integrate into existing App or Simply Publish into webAR 

Focused Industries:

Creative professionals are struggling to implement augmented reality solutions to their clients. Creatives are excited about AR, but they face many challenges, like 

  1. Too many technical challenges 
  2. lack of customer knowledge on how to use AR 
  3. perceived consumer fear to try new things 
  4. not sure how to use AR for their product/business

The major barriers to implement Augmented Reality are Technical skills and Cost.

PlugXR solves all these Problems and beneficial to different Industrial sectors like:

  1. Marketing
  2. HealthCare
  3. Manufacturing
  4. Utilities
  5. Retail
  6. Education
  7. Tourism
  8. Defense
  9. Oil & Gas
  10. Automobile
  11. Fashion 

If you are planning to develop an augmented reality initiative, it’s never too late to get started. The number of AR commercial opportunities sees a drastic growth with the expansion of AR technologies. Here we have listed the best Augmented Reality Platforms in the market. Have we missed some important AR platform? Let us know in the comment section.