Have you ever seen advertisements on the billboards moving and sometimes giving crazy 3D effects too? It’s so realistic that people often get mesmerized and rush toward the product or store. This type of advertisement can be crafted by augmented reality technology. These advertisements are often called experiences in technical terms and require an AR platform for their creation. The AR experience is one such trending technology that gives immersive yet realistic effects. Big stores are adapting to this change and are encouraging consumers to experience this change.

What do you mean by an immersive experience?

An immersive experience involves the user getting completely immersed in the experience. It usually occurs with the aid of augmented and virtual reality. 

Many gaming companies use virtual reality rather than augmented reality to attract users towards complete immersion.

Whereas other companies focusing on e-commerce and broad bands prefer augmented reality. It helps them to create a real-time experience with immersive engagements. 

Augmented reality technology can fill the gap between product recognition and brand establishment. It gives freedom to users to develop experiences that are visually beautiful and attractive. 


Let’s jump right into the five tips to create an immersive AR experience.

Tip 1: Create a product that you want to showcase to the targeted audience.

Choose a product that you think is attractive and in demand right now. Suppose you bake cookies and want your local shop to turn into a brand. You can also expand the business by keeping different flavors for the cookies.

Remember that every single product is eligible for AR experience and its advertisement. 

Tip 2: Put your product on the digital platform.

If you think you can target the local crowd effectively, then you are on the right path. But what about the crowd outside your area? Don’t you want people to travel from far places, just to taste your cookies? Well, that will be an achievement, to be honest. This can be achieved by taking your product on a digital platform. 

We have come to a technological period where every business is online. Consumers also check the validity of a retailer by Googling it.

Therefore the online presence of a product can turn the business into a brand. 

It can be achieved by creating a website.  

Tip 3: Create a story for your product.

While you are selling cookies, there are a lot more people who also sell the cookies. How will people relate to you more than others? You have to create a storyline that has some ups and downs and is also motivating at the same time.

It can be a simple tagline that explains the work and represents your journey.

For the AR experience, you must generate curiosity among the viewers. This curiosity can help you in getting ahead of the market.

Tip 4: Change the story into an AR experience.

A story that can move the audience emotionally is the best kind of story. Make your story interesting and convert it into an AR experience. 

For that, create elements of your story and visualize them. Open https://creator.plugxr.com/register and get registered with the platform. 

The PlugXR platform offers an immersive AR experience creation platform. 

Anyone can create augmented reality experiences without the knowledge of coding.

Now choose a project from the list. You can create an experience in any of the following projects.


For complete guidance on AR experience creation, you can refer to the documentation: https://www.plugxr.com/documentation/plugxrcreator/projects#section-1 

You have to upload an image (marker), which becomes the basis for your experience. You can scan this image later and view the experience that you created.

Find the tutorial link here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JL2zHdk91Q&t=6s for the creation of the experience. 

In simple terms, you have to add a few graphical elements. It can be from 3D models, videos, audio, buttons links, and so on. Then you can animate these elements to create a story that suits your brand.

This process is called the creation of the AR experience. It will ease the experience creation process. After creating the experience, you have to publish your work on different social media handles.

Tip 5: Create social media awareness about the AR experience for your product.

Social media awareness can be created by posting the experience on different platforms. It will help you develop your product into a brand. 

Why should businesses switch to digital platforms?

When you go out into the market, you will find that most brands have performed extremely well after switching from offline marketing to digital brand presence. 

This resulted due to the heavy presence of customers on digital platforms rather than physical presence. Many people search for products online and then make a purchase. Therefore, online presence is crucial for brand recognition.


Which platform to choose to create an AR experience?

Multiple platforms offer the creation of experiences. Few platforms are feasible, and few are extremely hard to work on. One should not opt for platforms that don’t provide free access. Explore the PlugXR platform for creating fascinating experiences. 

Why should you opt for PlugXR?

PlugXR is a no-code platform that offers app creation in minutes. It is pocket-friendly and can take your business to 10X speed. You can also share your experiences by scanning the QR code. 

One can target many by just sharing the QR code and launching the experience. 

It is an easy way of taking your business to the top.


An immersive AR experience requires the experience for its creation. As we have multiple technologies around us, we find ways to get things done quickly. It is when platforms like PlugXR step up and create an easy pathway for you. 

You have to get registered to the PlugXR creator platform. Here is the link https://creator.plugxr.com/register and start creating experiences with different models and assets. It will give you the independence to work comfortably and quickly. In 5 mins, you will be able to create massive experiences.

Do you agree that AR is going to take over the advertising campaigns?



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