Packaging makes a difference. A good packaging can leave a lasting impression, helping the customers remember the brand. Also, modern-day brands leverage it to create a distinct and unique image of the products among their target audience. Good packaging is always in sync with the brand’s personality and popularity. With Augmented Reality packaging, brands can take it to the next level and imbue digital elements, making it a completely new experience for consumers to interact with the brand and its products.

Understanding Augmented Reality for packaging 

Brands can leverage augmented reality technology to enrich and transform the consumer’s interaction with the product until unpacked. By integrating digital content seamlessly into physical packaging, brands can offer immersive experiences beyond static designs. This innovative approach enables brands to provide valuable product information, showcase features dynamically, and engage consumers in memorable brand experiences, which can help drive customer engagement and loyalty.

Benefits of using Augmented Reality on packaging 

Some major benefits a brand can reap by using AR in packaging include:

Unique shopping experience

AR packaging makes the shopping experience more thrilling for the buyers when AR experience or interactive content comes as an add-on along with the products they buy. Customers love unique shopping experiences, and AR experiences are the perfect way for brands to achieve that effectively.

Appeals to modern-day buyers

Modern-day buyers are different from conventional buyers in their shopping habits. The product is important for them, but so is the experience and commitment from the brands. Many new brands have understood this trend and used this to grow their popularity.

Increase in consumer interaction

In modern times, buying a product is no longer just a single-time interaction. With the increase in competition, brands have to shift their focus to find methods that can increase customer interaction and build a rapport with their customers. With its unique characteristics, Augmented Reality packaging is perfect for this job. It keeps the customer engaged throughout their buying journey and later. 

Improve your product visibility 

By incorporating augmented reality elements into packaging design, brands can capture consumers’ attention on the shelf and stand out from competitors. AR packaging features like interactive product demonstrations, virtual try-ons, or engaging storytelling can create memorable experiences that attract buyers and encourage them to explore and interact with the product uniquely. This increased engagement can lead to higher brand recall and ultimately drive sales.

Possibility of going viral

In the age of social media, most brands try to find ways that can help them go viral. Growing brands with great products have more chances of becoming instantly popular among consumers if they go viral with AR in their product marketing. And, with a unique packaging strategy, it is feasible and efficient.

Creating an AR Packaging Content with a no-code platform 

Implementing augmented reality (AR) in packaging can be achieved with these steps:

Define Objectives

You have to determine the purpose of using AR in packaging. If it Is to enhance the customer experience, provide additional product information, or create interactive marketing campaigns.

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Design AR Content

Drag and drop assets like 3D models, animations, videos, and other interactive elements on PlugXR’s intuitive interface to create digital content that will be overlaid onto the physical packaging when you trigger the AR experience on it. 

Integrate AR with the Packaging

Incorporate markers or triggers on the packaging that will activate the AR experience when scanned with a smartphone or tablet. It is the QR codes, images, logos, or specific patterns that you choose.

Tips and tricks to use AR in packaging 

Some tips and tricks that can improve your use of AR in packaging can be simple like:

Designing packaging with AR as a consideration 

Using AR is tricky as there are so many elements that even professionals need clarification about what and how many elements to utilize. It is important to ensure that the content you are designing for your packaging fits the product well, or it will be less effective in increasing sales or customer interaction.

Keeping aesthetics and necessity in check 

While designing Augmented Reality packaging, it is also important to preserve all the necessary information and details due to the overuse of aesthetic elements or interactive experiences.

Keeping AR experience and usability in balance 

Packaging should be usable by the customers, and instead of packaging that is focused on entertainment only, it should keep usability in check where the information about the product and product can be shared with the experience utilizing its complete value.

Augmented Reality packaging examples 

Some major examples of AR in packaging are:

Jack Daniel’s 

The Jack Daniel’s AR Experience, created by Brown-Forman, lets you explore the Jack Daniel Distillery like a virtual book. You can see how they make whiskey and learn about Mr. Jack Daniel himself using their AR app.

Herbal essence 

Herbal Essences used AR to create a virtual beach around their bottle. They played a video about their product and talked about the problem of plastic waste.


Mojokaii premium gaming boosters were made just for gamers. Their AR app makes tasting fun, letting users collect different product varieties in a game-like experience. International VFX artists created cool AR effects. When users point their phones at the packaging, they dive into a unique digital story for each product.

Fruit bliss interactive 

Fruit Bliss is a brand that focuses on making healthy snacks. They used AR to connect with customers beyond packaging. They let customers scan packages for an AR experience about the products and brand.

Key Takeaways

Augmented Reality product packaging is a newer concept among brands. From the results many have achieved using it, it can be ascertained that it may be one of the best ways for a brand to push its growth and attract more customers. The advantage of using it is cost-effective and more efficient than many other marketing methods.

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