Fitness consultation and guidance took a turn, with people preferring to learn and get trained online, on an app, streaming a few videos, or getting on a call with an expert. They are now beginning to add Augmented Reality to make it more fun and easy. With Augmented Reality fitness applications, people can enjoy their training regimes without compensating for fun activities. 

AR in fitness will bring an exciting future to the industry that will completely transform how we see it.

How is AR adding value to fitness training?

Fitness and Augmented Reality create immersive experiences that motivate individuals and bring substantial and effective changes to their overall experience. Imagine virtual trainers who guide you through personalized workouts, proper form, and gamified challenges. It transforms simple daily routines into captivating adventures. 

This fusion motivates the users to achieve their fitness goals more effectively. It nurtures the belief that they have achieved something important, through enjoyment that promotes long-term adherence to a healthy lifestyle. With Augmented Reality, fitness transforms from being part of a schedule to something more dynamic and wholesome that you look forward to doing every day.

Adding gamification with an Augmented Reality fitness experience

One of the major reasons why most people fall short of their fitness and health goals is the lack of potential motivators while they perform an activity over and over with every passing day. While many people rely on their determination and prudence, for most people with strict schedules, it’s not possible. They prefer spending their scarce time in leisurely activities and spending it with friends instead of going to the gym. With AR, this mindset is coming to rest as fitness is no longer a monotonous activity with the rise of AR. You can enjoy various simulations and gamification options to enhance your experience.

There are many such examples, from inviting your friends to complete a fitness challenge or enter an AR-based game where you get rewards for marking checkpoints and completing objectives. Many simple games, such as Pokemon Go, are also good examples.

How does AR aid in delivering fitness training?

Some of the most common ways through which AR helps to deliver fitness training are:

Personalized coaching

AR allows virtual trainers or coaches to be overlaid in the user’s real environment, providing personalized guidance and instruction. It provides a solution to one of the biggest issues most people face while enrolling with a coach from an online platform or an app. These digital assistants or coaches can demonstrate proper form, provide real-time feedback, and adjust the workout based on the user’s performance.

Interactive workout experiences

Workout is a solitary experience for most of us. But with AR, you can invite friends, take part in an online fitness community, or even play a game, making the workout session much more immersive and fun, even from the comfort of your home.

Helping in form correction

Augmented Reality exercise tutorials can overlay digital models of different workouts and use them to detect and analyze the movements, highlighting incorrect postures or techniques. AR can use these visual cues and overlays to guide the user to make necessary adjustments. It reduces the risk of injury and improves the effectiveness of their training.

Adding Augmented Reality to gym training

Traditional gym types of equipment are useful but not fun by any means. With AR, you can display virtual weights, resistance levels, or other interactive elements like stats. It makes playing games and workouts more challenging and engaging.

Immersive outdoor activities

Much the same way as in fitness, you can add Augmented Reality in sports. It can overlay virtual paths, distance markers, or even virtual companions during outdoor activities like running, cycling, or playing a sport. These monotonous activities can be made not only fun but also act as a socializing option. You can take part in various team and community-based challenges and cohorts aimed at fitness.

Bringing qualitative change to the future of fitness 

AR is not just aiming to make your sessions fun and more insightful. It also brings changes and features that will increase the efficiency of your fitness regime with much less effort. These changes might not be evident at the start, but they will help you to get excellent results over time.

Real-time data 

Real-time data is one of the biggest changes AR brings to fitness. You can monitor all your health-related data and changes happening in real time. How is it important? Take a simple situation where you think you cannot do any more push-ups, or you can do a few more minutes of running. 

It is all instinctual, and because of a lack of reliable data, you might not be pushing yourself to the limits or pushing beyond it. Both are harmful to you. With AR, you can monitor these changes and ensure that you are doing a perfect job while not over-exerting yourself. 

Making fitness more Flexible

Many of us have multiple presumptions about fitness and how we can achieve it. Thus, we stop focusing on small things that can make our fitness schedules more flexible without compromising on overall efficiency. With AR, you can learn to notice how even mundane tasks can be modified a bit and help you achieve your fitness goals. 

Examples of fitness Augmented Reality applications and programs

The best examples of AR fitness apps and programs are: 

Active arcade

You get to enjoy multiple games where you have to use your body as a controller, and your camera records your movement and helps you score points. There are multiple games like high-kicks and Galaxy jumpers that will keep you entertained for a long time.


This game makes the element of classic exercise more entertaining. You can choose a variety of games like Avoiding blocks or catching them while performing burpees and much more.


This AR fitness app is different from the others. It is more focused on people who are into mixed martial arts. It can record your movements and suggest the necessary changes to your form based on it.


As the name suggests, this AR workout app helps you to perform yoga postures with the correct form while providing the necessary feedback to improve it. You can also compare your movements and asanas with other practitioners who are on the app.

Key Takeaways

The fitness industry is seeing a rise in popularity among youngsters. They have started to believe it is an important part of their lives. With AR, they get to enjoy the various benefits. It also helps countless others who find it hard to continue on their fitness journey. Lack of motivation and discipline without any sense of accomplishment are prime reasons for most people. Thus, AR can be a great initiative to attract Zen Gs and millennials. If you want to add a little bit of magic to your fitness training, sign up for the PlugXR platform for all things Augmented Reality. Book a free demo to learn more.


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