Rapid prototyping using 3D Printing and Manufacturing as a Service is as much part of a modern business operation as startups need to produce parts faster and more flexibly.

As a services provider in this field, it is essential to ensure that customers gain trust and confidence in their orders. Also, to ensure a reduction of waste due to errors in the design. Here, companies want to enhance their client’s experience and drive faster conversions.

We introduce Augmented Reality (AR) Design Visualization to manufacturing services to further increase rapid prototyping and reduce errors. It is by allowing customers to visualize and interact with their 3D designs in the real world and in real time to perceive how the manufactured object would look and feel instantly. 

The immersive nature of AR can help in building deeper engagement with customers. They can virtually experiment with different designs, materials, and finishes in the real world, increasing their attachment and commitment to the final product.

With our innovative no-code platform, you can seamlessly integrate immersive AR technology into your workflow.

Allow customers a final inspection before ordering, and elevate net order!

Take your clients’ 3D models and transform them into captivating, interactive AR displays. They can explore designs from every angle in real-time and visualize the final product in their environment. 

This immersive experience brings their creations to life and eliminates ambiguity and uncertainty, resulting in faster decision-making and increased customer satisfaction.

What can Augmented Reality do for 3D Printing companies?

Augmented Reality (AR) is transforming industries across the board, and 3D printing companies are no exception. Let’s explore the incredible benefits that Augmented Reality can bring to your 3D printing technology:

Strengthening the order-receiving process: 

You streamline the order-receiving process by offering a real-like, virtual experience of the output. Clients can confidently make decisions, verify designs, and ensure their specifications are met, reducing potential errors and the need for multiple iterations.

Critical differentiation for early adopters:

Being an early adopter positions your company as an innovative leader. You will be a forward-thinking business that goes beyond traditional 3D printing. This differentiation sets your business apart from competitors, making you the go-to choice for clients seeking advanced services and enhanced customer engagement.

Value-added service and new revenue streams:

By providing immersive AR experiences to your clients, you offer a value-added service beyond 3D printing. You can offer additional services like AR experiences, create virtual showrooms for clients’ products, or even provide AR consulting to optimize their marketing and sales strategies. These additional revenue streams further solidify your comprehensive and forward-thinking service provider position.

Harness the potential of no-code simplicity

With our no-code approach, you don’t need any coding skills or technical expertise to leverage the power of immersive AR. Our intuitive platform empowers you to seamlessly integrate AR technology into your existing workflow, enhancing your service offering without the need for complex development processes. Import your clients’ 3D models, add our immersive AR technology, and deliver an unparalleled preview experience that sets your business apart.

Integration and browser support

We seamlessly integrate our AR solutions into native apps, websites, and popular eCommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Wix. This integration allows you to incorporate our AR experiences effortlessly, providing your users with captivating 3D and interactive features.

Also, our WebAR output runs on all major browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and Opera. With WebAR, users can access and experience our AR solutions directly through their browsers. It eliminates the need to install additional apps.

Unlock key benefits and improve metrics

Unlock benefits that translate into tangible results for your business:

  1. Enhanced Customer Engagement: With immersive AR previews, you engage your clients on a whole new level, capturing their attention and fostering a deeper connection with their designs.
  1. Faster Conversion and Decision-Making: The ability to experience a realistic preview in AR accelerates the decision-making process. You will reduce the time between concept approval and physical printing.
  1. Reduced Rework and Costs: By catching design flaws or miscommunications early on through immersive AR previews, you avoid costly rework. Also, it improves client satisfaction.
  1. Competitive Differentiation: Be an early adopter to position your business ahead in the 3D printing industry. Offer cutting-edge technology solutions and unmatched customer experiences.

How can we help elevate your 3D Printing and manufacturing service?

By integrating AR, you can expand your offering and provide unmatched value to your clients. They can conduct final inspections before placing orders and make confident decisions. It will significantly reduce rework and extra costs.

Join us in transforming the 3D printing industry by incorporating immersive AR technology into your workflow. Revolutionize the way you showcase your capabilities. Get started today and position yourself at the forefront of innovation.

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Metric-driven results:

  • Increase in client conversion rates by 30%
  • Reduction in design iteration cycles by 70%
  • Higher customer satisfaction ratings based on post-preview feedback
  • Enhanced brand reputation as a pioneer in incorporating immersive AR technology
  • Positive testimonials and referrals from impressed clients

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