About Regaliz

Regaliz is a small business owner based in Europe, specialized in selling personalized patisseries while providing a unique experience to his customers.

  • Offline Image Tracking (Vuforia)
  • Print media & Advertising


Regaliz wants to create unique personalized experiences for each customer to attract, retain & increase revenue. They found AR is the way to go, but enabling AR for a small business like them is very difficult because its cost-intensive and time-consuming. Also, the biggest challenge for them is, they will have a new customer day by day, so they can’t rely on the developers to enable the AR for each customer.


The main objective was to combine the gift along with a video personalizing it to the individuals. To achieve this goal our client chose AR as a way to provide this experience in an immersive way to their customers. Using PlugXR’s Creator platform and Go App they were able to develop these personalized experiences without having to write a single line of code. The client was also able to understand and learn different patterns and was able to improvise for future clients.


The Result

Whenever Regaliz got a new customer, they were able to create their AR experiences within minutes, as a result, they were able to increase their revenue by 100%.


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