About MS Agarwal

MS Agarwal is the leading primary steel manufacturers in India, engaged in producing virgin steel under the brand name of AF Star & MS Life for the past 3 decades. Augmented reality has enabled its users to gain confidence in what they are investing in.

  • Offline AR App Image tracking (Vuforia)
  • Manufacturing


Many businesses refuse to invest in companies without a field visit. The factories, machines and workers need to be seen before signing any deal.


PlugXR has provided the 3D view for MS Agarwal Steel to enhance their business. By using this method, the businessman will be able to view the real-time 3D view of the factory, machines, and also the workers.


The Result

By inculcating the 3D view of the factory, the businessman need not put efforts to visit the site before confirming the deal. The business shoot-ups with fewer efforts from both sides by using AR technology.


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