A small business owner based in Europe, specialized in confectionery.

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AR Type : Image Activation

Category : Advertising

Client : Regaliz


To sell personalized patisseries, providing a unique experience to their customers and attracting more customers.


Regaliz, a small business based in Europe, was looking for a way to provide unique experiences to their customers and increase revenue. The traditional way of selling patisseries was not enough to attract and retain customers. After exploring various options, Regaliz found that AR technology was the way to go. However, using coding platforms like Unity was too cost-intensive and time-consuming for a small business like Regaliz.


Regaliz approached PlugXR, a no-code platform for creating immersive experiences. Using the PlugXR Creator platform, Regaliz was able to develop personalized AR experiences for each customer without having to write a single line of code.

Regaliz would ask for images and videos from their customers and turn them into AR experiences. It was then added to their purchases. This project also gathered a lot of attention on Regaliz’s social media channels.


The impact of the solution was great for Regaliz. By being able to create personalized AR experiences for each customer within minutes, Regaliz saw a 100% increase in revenue. The unique AR experiences provided to customers helped Regaliz attract and retain customers.