MS Agarwal

A leading steel manufacturer in India, engaged in producing virgin steel under the brand name of AF Star & MS Life.

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AR Type : Image Activation

Category : Manufacturing

Client : MS Agarwal


To overcome the challenge of losing business due to the necessity of field visits for customer awareness.


MMS Agarwal faced the challenge of customers needing to conduct field visits to gain a comprehensive understanding of their steel manufacturing operations.

This limitation resulted in a loss of business opportunities, as potential clients were unable or hesitant to invest in MS Agarwal's products without firsthand knowledge of their workspace, assets, and operations.


MS Agarwal turned to PlugXR to develop a solution that leveraged augmented reality (AR) technology. Utilizing PlugXR's no-code platform, MS Agarwal digitized their brochure and other print marketing collateral.

Potential customers could now access a virtual experience by simply scanning the brochure images. This AR experience allowed users to explore MS Agarwal's workspace, visualize their assets (machines), observe operations, and gain an in-depth understanding of their manufacturing processes.


The implementation of PlugXR's AR solution brought about significant improvements in customer engagement, confidence, and business outcomes for MS Agarwal. They observed an average engagement boost of 35%, indicating a highly positive response from their target audience.

They expanded their customer base and secured new business opportunities, witnessing an average conversion rate improvement of 25%, driving revenue growth and establishing themselves as a trusted steel manufacturer.