Dizbi - A Retail Brand

Dizbi Retail Brand Goes Virtual with PlugXR.

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AR Type : Product Visualizatoin

Category : Virtual Store

Client : DIZBI


The goal was to create a virtual store that does not compromise with customer experience and increase sales.


The challenge was to create an immersive virtual store experience that would provide customers with a seamless shopping experience as if they were physically present in the store. The solution had to be delivered within a short timeframe, and the Dizbi team needed to be able to easily manage and update the virtual store.


PlugXR delivered an immersive virtual store experience for Dizbi within 6 days, which would have taken three months with other platforms. The virtual store allowed customers to view products in 3D, rotate, and see product details as if they were physically present in the store. The Dizbi team could easily select products in 3D models and add them to the virtual store through drag and drop.


The outcome of the project was impressive. Dizbi was one of the first few retailers to benefit from AR/VR technology, becoming a pioneer in no-contact e-tailing. Its sales numbers improved by 75% and customer experience for online users by 100%.