Craig Shelly - Swiss luxury watch and jewelry brand

Improving Customer Experience with 3D and AR Technology for Craig Shelly.

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AR Type : Product Visualizatoin

Category : Retail

Client : Craig Shelly


The goal was to provide customers with a more immersive and interactive shopping experience that would increase sales and reduce product returns.


Craig Shelly was looking for a solution that transformed how customers viewed and interacted with their high-end watches and jewelry online. The challenge was to find a technology platform that could quickly and effectively recreate their products in a 3D and AR environment.


We proposed a solution that uses 3D and AR technology to recreate their products in a virtual environment.

With this solution, customers could view the products in 3D, rotate 360 degrees, and see product details as if they were physically present in the store.


We were able to create the 3D and AR experiences in just a day, which would have taken months with other platforms. Our team of experts worked closely with Craig Shelly to ensure that their product was accurately represented in the virtual environment.


The outcome of the project was impressive. The 3D and AR experiences improved buyers confidence and influenced their decision-making. As a result, Craig Shelly experienced a 45% increase in sales and a 70% reduction in product returns.