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AR Type : Brand Promotion

Category : Advertisement

Client : Forum Mall


To increase footfall at Forum Mall, Hyderabad, and create a lasting impact by engaging the visitors in an innovative and immersive manner.


Traditional advertising methods were deemed ineffective in significantly improving footfall at Forum Mall. Brandbooster recognized the need for a solution with a virality factor to capture the attention and interest of people.


Brandbooster collaborated with PlugXR. Leveraging our no-code platform, they planned an AR-powered Rockwall climbing contest with multiple touchpoints on the wall. Participants were encouraged to compete and interact with the augmented reality elements to enhance their climbing experience.

Participants could compete against each other in real-time and share their experiences on social media, thereby amplifying the reach and virality of the campaign.


The campaign attracted many participants, especially kids, and created a buzz throughout Hyderabad. The footfall at Forum Mall witnessed a remarkable increase of 30% during the campaign period compared to the previous year's average footfall.

The campaign received positive reviews from participants, resulting in a 25% increase in brand awareness and a notable improvement in the mall's overall perception among people in the city.