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AR Type : Product Visualizatoin

Category : Entertainment

Client : AIA


Increase footfall at a cultural event - Dussehra Diwali Dhamaka.


AIA wanted to foster and promote cultural and social interactions among its members through a cultural event pertaining to the Indian subcontinent in a unique way. They sought a solution to add magic to the event, attract more people, and significantly increase footfall.

They devised the idea to recreate Ravana's idol in AR for the cultural event and needed a technology partner.


AIA adopted the PlugXR AR/VR solution to create immersive and interactive brand activations for the event. The no-code platform allowed them to quickly and easily create the desired campaign.

They recreated the 25ft. Ravan idol in 3D and AR. People could see Ravan standing in their space by pointing a camera at a billboard with a Ravana character or scanning QR codes in over 100 stalls at the event. They could zoom it, increase its height, and walk around it. Taking pictures and recording videos with the virtual 3D avatar of Ravan was a thrilling experience for the event attendees.


Adopting the PlugXR solution has been a huge success for AIA at the event. By surpassing the 15k footfall target to 40k, they generated huge revenues and created lasting connections with the visitors. It also allowed them to quickly create and launch campaigns and achieve their goals faster and more efficiently.