Experience the Magic of Augmented Reality!

PlugXR provides eye catching augmented reality experiences that will open doors to reality and drive better results.

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Best fits Industries

  • Upload unique and interactive brand campaigns on the PlugXR App.
  • Create Augmented campaigns for every occasion
  • Engage with prospects and customers in an all-new-way that leads to acquisition, retention, and conversions of consumers
  • Position yourselves as a forward-thinking brand in customer’s perspective
  • The incredibly low cost, time, effort, and high flexibility will make us the go-to option for Small & Medium Enterprises.
  • Augmented your Business by creating a unique AR campaign that leads to consumer-awareness about your business’ presence.
  • Grab attention to boost acquisition and conversion rapidly.
  • A unique approach like this will have a significant impact on the consumer and retain them for longer.
  • Bring your creativity to life with PlugXR at low cost and time.
  • AR Creation lets the world experience your art/project in a futuristic view.
  • You will be able to showcase your work to people in an interactive way and enhance their experience.
  • It will help to position your project in a better way and have a unique impact on them.






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Jet Set Go with PlugXR Go

Witness the magic of your AR campaign with PlugXR Go App. Publish your AR experience in the PlugXR Go app and broaden your reach with a rapid increase in conversion rates.

Download the PlugXR Go App Now

Showcase your brand by providing the best experience to the customers that will help to give your brand a new identity by downloading the PlugXR app. PlugXR app is available for free on App Store and Play Store. Join us to take your imagination to the next level and give a new look to your brand.

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