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The advancement in technology helped pave the way for a faster and easier way to communicate. Apps were created and installed in the devices which lead to loss of storage space. But what if there was no need to install apps and the same experience could be enjoyed in the browser? Presenting WebAR apps that need no installation. 

Augmented reality has emerged as the leading-edge technology making its presence globally. It has changed the way we imagine our business and provided creative ideas for the same. Many apps were developed and installed for augmented reality. But now the time has come to modify and save some space in our devices. We at PlugXR introduce you to WebAR experiences. 

What are WebAR apps?

As commonly believed, WebAR is an augmented reality experience that can be accessed through common web browsers. It doesn’t require any app that has to be installed in the system. It allows the user to operate it from any device on any browser. WebAR works with simple animations using 3D models, images, videos, audio, and many more. The inescapable devices are our mobile phones. And hence this technology can also be accessed through it.

How WebAR apps work?

Technology is developing faster than ever and so is the need for us to get upgraded. Nearly everyone uses smartphones in this generation. AR technology has already crossed many minds and businesses are keen to introduce Web AR apps. But how does it work?

  1. WebAR experience can be enjoyed by simply opening the camera app of the device.
  2. Visit a site that offers the WebAR experience.
  3. Scan the QR code of the experience
  4. Enjoy the experience

The WebAR apps give a satisfying experience to its users and developers. It gives them the freedom to work from anywhere on the experience. 

App-based solutions require multiple downloads and version upgrades from time to time. It pushes the users away from the offer you have created. It is a simple yet effective way of showcasing your product.

Many clients turn to their digital marketer and often ask about the advantages of WebAR apps. It shows that most of the customers prefer quick processes rather than slower ones. WebAR is mostly about offering smart and quick ways of increasing the business. Hence it is preferable.

WebAR -apps

Advantages of WebAR apps:

  1. Web AR is taking the internet by storm. It takes the burden of installation and allows users to enjoy a hassle-free experience. It has attracted the brands completely towards itself. 
  2. WebAR apps require no installation saving extra space in your devices. It not only makes the task easy but also encourages multiple users to utilise it.
  3. It is a compatible choice for most browsers. As WebAR apps are accessed over the browser, it is supported by most of them. It allows multiple users interaction which in turn increases brand recognition.
  4. While loading an experience could be as easy as it looks but AR apps require employment. The deployment process takes but with WebAR apps the deployments are much faster. It doesn’t require plenty of employment time.
  5. It allows users to easily share the experience right over the internet. A simply URL can change the game. It makes the experience more valuable and sharable as well. However, with downloadable apps, it becomes difficult to convince the audience.
  6. Use it as it is. Many apps that we install require updates from time to time. It can be tiresome and in the process sometimes, users uninstall the apps. This can be a huge drawback for the creators. That’s why many businesses are switching to WebAR apps where a simple QR code does the job.

How to create a WebAR experience?

If you wish to create an experience on the browser then PlugXR is the go-to platform. PlugXR offers a huge variety of features for the creation of an experience. The development can be accomplished within minutes. This platform is easy to use and accessible on the browser. First, open the website, , and open Web AR apps. There are two options available: image and surface tracking. A user can choose any one of them. Image tracking requires a marker image. With few clicks, you will be able to generate an experience. This experience must be saved and published. After publishing the experience the QR code can be scanned and the experience can be enjoyed. 

The URL can be shared among other business users, friends, and family to share enjoyable moments.

The universe is filled with massive elements that interfere with your life. Similarly, there are few challenges with the Web AR app too. While the WebAR apps can be accessed on the majority of smartphones, the experience requires a decent internet speed to work well.

The browser caching cannot be benefited properly due to intensive experience comprising of 3D content and animations, resulting in lagging user experience. Not everyone knows the correct tools and techniques to develop the experience. 

Well, we provide you with the solution for that. Visit our website, to figure out the procedure. We provide you with a cost-effective platform with 14 days free trial. It will establish a strong base and enhance the quality of the experience that you want to create. This immersive technology is affordable and reliable for small o big business industries. It can be used for all the different kinds of industries. Education and health sectors use it more frequently than others. While many apps like Snapchat and Instagram offer huge customer interactions. WebAR is the new trend adopted by the tech industries.


One of the most common ways to experience Augmented reality is through smartphones. WebAR or app less augmented reality has gained so much importance in the real world. Web-based AR has a great potential to showcase business or brand in a modern and engaging way. Web AR describes the provision of augmented reality experiences with the help of mobile web browsers. It is considered as a game-changer in which the users can easily access AR as they access a website today. It is now possible to utilize AR using browsers that allow us to deliver and activate the experiences directly through smartphone technology. People have started looking into Web AR seriously which has a great potential for an experimental design that can fascinate the users. It can be considered as a fascinating development that brings AR experience to smartphone users. 

What is WebAR?

WebAR is the augmented reality experience that can be easily accessed through a web browser rather than installing any app. All you need to use Web AR is an internet connection and smartphone or tablet. There is no need to download an app onto your smartphone. Here are some advantages of using WebAR:

  1. Requires very less memory as there is no need to download any app
  2. Can work smoothly on any browser
  3. Less cost with fast deployment time
  4. Simple and easy to implement cross-platform

You need to open the link and launch the camera of your smartphone. And your browser will overlay the content immediately as it would appear through an app or become an AR scanner. With proper design, one will be able to create an amazing campaign, as you would by using the same traditional app-based approach.


Reasons Why Brands will prefer WebAR Marketing

Try before actually Buying

Augmented reality is one of the growing trends in the retail industry.WebAR allows potential customers to try different products before making any purchase. It can be clothes or shoes or even test driving a car. Besides increasing sales and engagement, it avoids the need to stock a very vast range of inventory. This will not only save space but also become more sustainable. The application of Web AR in the retail industry is growing rapidly as there are many brands utilizing augmented reality.

Direct communication with the customers

Brands are able to communicate with the users directly through their smartphones with the power of Web AR marketing. Customers can easily visualize the product and get clear brand messages through interactive Web AR services. It will also help to access other information about the pricing and features of the product. Web AR helps to place the product in the real world and also view it from different angles for a better understanding. It will leave a good impression on the users that will help to remember the brand and its products.

Creating a buzz

Brands are opting to use augmented reality for their marketing and sales strategies. It can be considered as the best way to enhance and build the brand. Web AR is a very effective way of increasing brand awareness by telling the brand’s story. This can result in creating a buzz around the brand that will help the brands to stand out in the crowd. 

For branding materials

Direct Mail can still be considered as an effective marketing strategy. You can add Web AR to it which has a great potential to improve your results with another dimension. One can add Web AR to branding materials like business cards and direct mail campaigns that will take your brand to the next level. It will help to create a content-rich experience and add different exclusive offers when the user opens an augmented reality experience through their smartphone. 

There is no need to download the app when you opt for PlugXR Web AR which is mostly browser dependent. It is developed with the help of HTML and other programming languages. QR code can be used to display the text to the users to open the particular URL. For Android and iOS devices, the QR scanner is inbuilt with the devices. There are simple steps involved to create PlugXR WebAR . All you need to do is:


Create → Share → QR Code / URL → Scan → 3D Model → Click AR → Surface Tracking → Fully Interactive AR

WebAR technology requires fewer costs and faster deployment times. It can be used for all kinds of purposes ranging from educational or commercial purposes that open up a lot of opportunities. Web AR provides an amazing opportunity for creative people to bring together exciting and new immersive experiences. Contact us if you want to learn how Web AR will be beneficial for your product.


There are millions of iOS and Android devices that provide great augmented reality experience. With the evolution of new technology, there are different ways that are explored to showcase AR to the web platform. There are many mobile applications that have seen vast growth and success in AR. But the support on the web has been very limited. Mobile AR is gaining amazing attention from people from different brands and businesses. App-based AR needs installation and downloading which is difficult for cross-platform deployment. Web AR provides a fantastic experience to the users and eliminates the need to opt for specialized apps. Users can simply log Web Augmented Reality to access the same functionality without downloading the app.

GitHub provides an unofficial version of the Web Augmented Reality code for developers. Famous brands like Samsung, Microsoft, and Apple are adopting various Web Augmented Reality standards. One of the most anticipated products of 2020 is Chrome AR. Instead of opting for specialized apps, one can directly login to AR websites that have the same type of functionality. An unsupported and unofficial version of Web Augmented Reality code is made available on GitHub that will encourage adoption. There is a vast growth in technologies and also the goals are increasing. And the prime goal is to make adoption of AR very simple with the help of web browser audiences.


What makes Web Augmented Reality different from Conventional AR?

The building of the new App can be very expensive and requires a very high time, investment and talent. There are many devices, iPhones, and new pixel phones that support AR. Web Augmented Reality gives you the option to focus on a story rather than worrying about costs, distribution, and technology. It is considered a branch of AR that can help to feel the reality with the help of mobiles, tablets, and Pcs. Web Augmented Reality is the best technology that serves as the best solution to the needs of users.

One of the most benefited section of the market is Advertisement. It can help to add a new dimension by adding AR for a more interactive and personalized experience. Web Augmented Reality can have that can make signups very easily from users. It has very fewer possibilities for lapses when compared to wearable technologies. There are many developers and web designers who are trying their best to bring AR into reality. They are making use of smartphone webcams and smartphone cameras that will inspire users to get in touch with services and products.

AR.js is one of the very important tools that will work amazingly in a web browser so that there is no need to download the app. There is also no need to buy a particular device to enjoy Web Augmented Reality. It will work perfectly on Android, iPhone, Windows, and any other platforms. QR codes can be considered as an important tool that is used with Web Augmented Reality. One can easily scan it from the phone and redirects you to a web page that will take you to the content.


PlugXR’s Web Augmented Reality Solutions:

There is no need to download the app when you opt for PlugXR Web Augmented Reality. Such AR is mostly browser-dependent which is created with the help of HTML or other programming platforms. Web Augmented Reality uses regular devices or PCs to provide users with the best AR experience. It does not require any type of Web Augmented Reality SDK and also very easy to create. Publishing the apps on Android and iOS is one of the very time-consuming processes.

QR code is a barcode that is easily readable by smartphones and it is two-dimensional. It is used to display text to the user and to open a URL or even to compose text messages. QR scanner is in-built in the latest iOS and Android devices. One can also opt for the QR code scanner app for it. The user has to follow the following steps:

  1. QR code scanning
  2. One has to open the URL derived from the QR code.
  3. Scan the same QR code and you can see animations and 3D models.

Following are the steps to create PlugXR Web Augmented Reality:

Create → Share → QR Code / URL → Scan → 3D Model → Click AR → Surface Tracking → Fully Interactive AR


The future of Web Augmented Reality is evolving on a wide scale that will leverage Web Augmented Reality applications using marker-based libraries. It is very important to keep a check on the experience you want to build and the hardware required for the target users. If you need any assistance getting Web Augmented Reality working with your application then please contact us to discuss how we can resolve your queries.